How To Manage Yeast Infections?

Candida auris fungi, emerging multidrug resistant fungus

Vaginal yeast infections are very common in women. They are often dismissed as minor irritations or treated with self-medications. This is a dangerous trend. Although yeast infections can start very benignly, they can become very serious and can affect all of the body’s systems, including the brain. Home remedies should be used to treat yeast infections before any other treatments, such as allopathic creams, ointments, or oral drugs.

Home remedies

These are safer than allopathic medications, especially since yeast infections are common in pregnancy. Candida albicans (also known by yeast) is part of the natural flora found in the intestines and mouth. Vaginal yeast infections can be caused by many factors, including pregnancy, birth control pills and hormonal supplements for menopause.

Yeast infections can also be caused by a diet high in sugars. The following remedies can be used to treat vaginal inflammation, reddening or itching. Consult an expert if you are concerned.


Preventing yeast infections is the best way to keep them away. This means that you need to improve air circulation and keep your vagina clean. Moisture and damp environments can be fertile ground for yeast growth and multiplicity. It is better not to wear tight-fitting clothes at night and to wear underwear only at bedtime. Choose pantyhose with a cotton crotch. Cosmetic powders that are used to dust the vaginal region can cause fungus growth. Do not use any chemical products to douche the vaginal region.

A great home douche is Lukewarm water mixed in some vinegar. Use mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or egg white to lubricate intercourse. They are free of chemicals. Baby oils are strictly prohibited as they can irritate the vagina. The best way to clean the vaginal area is with plain water. To clean and douche, a seat bath is a great option. To douch, you can use a little salt or vinegar in a shallow tub. You must sit with your knees apart for the bath to take effect. Itching relief can be felt almost immediately.

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I recommend to my patients that they soak a tampon in yoghurt, then place it into their vagina overnight. This is not recommended if you have any cracks or fissures within your vagina. It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse with someone with a vaginal infection. This can increase irritation and spread the infection to others, causing what is known as a “ping-pong” effect.

Candida infections can be managed by careful diet. Sugary foods, carbohydrate excess, and commercial foods with chemical preservatives and additives increase the risk of yeast infections. Drink at least 3-4 glasses daily of yoghurt with live cultures during the active phase of the infection. The improvements in symptoms are remarkable. To prevent recurrences, continue to consume at least one glass of yoghurt daily.