¿Cómo saber si está empezando la menopausia?

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Oprah Winfrey may have experienced a excellent show discussing signs of menopause beginning ‘how great menopause will be’. But the reality is that menopause means your mid-life has begun. Your hair growth on legs slows down, memory begins faltering, skin sags and wisdom sets it – wisdom about realizing that we’re sitting on the largest curves our life throws at us.

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But bear in mind that mid-life also brings admiration, and our own bodies expand to hold all love and wisdom we’ve acquired till now. When there is lack of menstrual cycle for a period of 12 weeks, it signifies the end of menstruation cycle and fertility in a woman. This means that the ovaries have stopped producing eggs and production of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone has decreased. While some women feel fine during this transition, some women experience hot flushes and mood swings.

Menopause occurs after age 40, and is indicated by symptoms that are stressful. At this time period it’s important to see that this isn’t an illness. When female’s ovaries produce eggs, in addition, it activates production of progesterone and estrogen. Both of these hormones are responsible for regulation of ovulation and menstruation. However, when ovarian activity reduces, reduced production of hormones contributes to the onset of menopause. What are the symptoms of menopause beginning? Irregular menstrual bleeding: In perimenopause hormonal level changes interfere with ovulation. If ovulation does not occur, the ovary continues to make estrogen which causes the endometrium layer within uterus to thicken. This event contributes to late menstrual period and is accompanied by irregular bleeding.


that are accompanied with night sweat: These are the most frequent signs of menopause starting. These episodes can occur several times an hour, each lasting for approximately three to six minutes. It’s fully understood why these hot flushes occur, but they occur mostly because of erratic automated control of our nervous system. This disturbance causes the skin blood vessels to open, which signal the sweat glands to become active. There’s vaginal dryness and girls experience itching in that area.

Some girls even get rashes. This is a result of lack of oestrogen, meaning that glands in your vagina do not produce enough lubrication, causing stinging especially during intercourse.

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Depression, fatigue, forgetfulness and irritability can be very painful for you and your loved ones. Irregularity in sleep routine: Sleep disturbances can occur because of restlessness or night time perspiration. Women who tend to sweat more frequently have to change their sheets many times during night. Sexual desire lessens: Women often don’t feel like having sex, while some might believe their orgasms are less intense.

Thinning of hair

Hair thinning can occur both on your mind in addition to pubic area. Breasts get rid of fullness: Loss of breast fullness is among the most disturbing signs of menopause. Last year’s bra might become loose, and without support your breasts may sag. At precisely the exact same time you notice more fat on your abdominal area. Menopause does not require any medical treatment. The present treatments only help relieving its symptoms and signs. But knowing the symptoms of menopause beginning can help you deal with this.