¿Cómo curar mis dolores de cabeza desde dentro?

eyes closed meditate

Migraines are something I am familiar with. They affected my life for 30 years. There were times when they were daily. It is amazing that I was capable of building a career, raising a son who is a joy to be around, and even functioning at all. My relationships were hampered by painful headaches that kept me from fully participating in my life. They shaped my character and how I see the world. They kept me from being the person I was meant to become and living my best life. You probably understand what I am referring to if you are reading this.

Self Discovery

Today, I am free from migraines and no longer take medication. I embarked on a journey to self-discovery, healing, and was able to explore the possibilities for letting go of the pain, and improving my life and overall well-being. My life was the key to my headache relief.

  • My headaches are genetic so they are inevitable.
  • My headaches are stronger than me.
  • Something is wrong with me.
  • I deserve migraines, if God gave them.
  • My migraines make me a terrible mom.
  • My migraines make it impossible to live a full and happy life.

These thoughts will make you more likely to accept pain as your natural state and what you deserve. Thoughts can create energy in your body, which can cause your body’s to tighten, clench, or contribute to migraine triggers and physical pain. It is important that you question your beliefs and thoughts by asking yourself if they are true.

Thoughts Control

You can control your thoughts, and shift them to something positive like gratitude or someone you care about. Hypervigilance can be a sign of migraines and can even contribute to them. If you feel the first signs of a migraine, you need to act quickly or face the consequences. This encourages us to be alert and anticipating pain. This state can have a profound effect on your thoughts and physical body.

You may feel tightness or fear in your body that can lead to exactly what you want. Our world becomes a place of pain when we focus on it. Instead, focus on self-nurturing to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

¿Qué hacer?

Relax and enjoy your pain-free days. Keep calm when you feel the effects of a migraine. Take steps to support your body. You will feel more relaxed and positive if you view it as taking care of yourself, rather than reacting out of fear. You can use your mind to heal headaches by setting intentions, focusing on positive thoughts, and visualizing. You can also use your mind to find relief.

The Beat of Your Heart Exercise: Close the eyes and take a few deep breathes. Once you feel relaxed, focus on the beat of your heart. Slow it down. After a few moments, focus on your fingertips to feel your heartbeat. Most cases, the flow of blood will begin to flow to your finger tips, and your headache pain will diminish.


This exercise has two benefits.

  • Pain relief.
  • Realizing that you have more control than you think over your headaches.

As it was for me, healing migraines may be possible. I recommend that you continue to consult your doctors and to also consider other ways to treat your headaches.