¿Cómo deshacerse de las alergias estacionales?

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Your immune system may not be equipped to take care of the environmental aggressors that endanger it every day this time of year. If you know you suffer allergies, preparing for this dreaded time of year might help. Typically, you need to do this a month or two before the season actually picks up. If you become aware of your allergies start to disturb you in late August, then you might want to start on antihistamines in July.

Seasonal allergies

If they’re worse in March/April, then begin in February. You might choose to subscribe to an internet email allergy alert notification program for your region. This will often give you enough time to understand the season is underway and you need to begin your antihistamines. Stocking up on antihistamine products is one way to make sure your immune system is capable of controlling at least a few of the dreaded symptoms.

There are lots of diverse products available for use. But are these the only recommended choices available today to avoid those unwanted, annoying symptoms? Isn’t there a more natural proactive method to control seasonal allergies? Actually, legalized prescription medication and over-the counter medications aren’t the only way to prevent allergies.

Natural remedies

There’s a natural remedy available which may prevent having to handle symptoms all together. The truth lies in understanding exactly what the immune system really does to safeguard your health and what’s produces naturally to assist in this effort. Your body is constantly on the attack, searching for foreign invaders such as toxins and disease. Like a moth to a fly, your immune system’s radar scans for viruses, bacteria, influenza, parasites, fungi, and not surprisingly, precancerous cells.

It detoxifies these germs, eliminating any medication breakdown products, pollutants, carcinogens, and radiation damage. Your immune system does this automatically. The liver is the body’s major detoxifying organ. Your liver works hard. As you inhale and ingest artificial and natural toxins each and every day, you can not prevent them, and they always harm individual organs and cells.


Cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, chemicals, and heavy metals are a few of the toxins that your liver has to remove. So how on earth does your immune system manage this whole overload? With Glutathione. Glutathione is the most abundantly produced natural antioxidant within the body. In actuality, the presence of the small protein is a must for the operation of all the other known antioxidants, gaining the name “Master Antioxidant”.

For your immune system to work properly, your body requires a ready supply of glutathione. If your body is deficient for whatever reason, a few of the invaders will undergo; thus infecting your body and causing illness like aging, allergies, or long-term cumulative damage that could significantly affect your health. Glutathione is a super-antioxidant your body produces naturally.

Super antioxidant

This super-antioxidant keeps you on full alert and fully armed forces for foreign invaders. The actual key here though is that the amount of glutathione in your system. As you can not avoid aging and illness completely, maintaining your intracellular glutathione levels raised helps prevent health problems you really don’t want to discuss. On a smaller scale, however, it can help with your allergies.

Elevated Glutathione levels also act as your supply of fuel for energy to keep your cells functioning like little machines. If your cells operate properly, then you’ve got more energy and strength.


Could you use more energy? Could you live without those dreaded allergies? FYI: Glutathione cannot be ingested by liquid or pill. Well, you could try, but the majority of it will not make it through the digestive process and would prove of very little advantage. Pay Attention because this is crucial. You can’t ingest it by any way that would be cost-effective. However, you can supply your body with the building blocks to allow it to create more glutathione by itself, in a natural manner so you can remain more energized and healthy all day long, all year long. You can control your glutatione levels. So what does this knowledge mean to you? It means allergy-free seasons, more energy to manage day-to-day happenings, and much more power to achieve the impossible. It could take a little time to construct your levels back up, but this super-antioxidant is the only way to do it.