¿Cómo aliviar los síntomas de la menopausia?

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When women stop menstruating, they confront the debilitating symptoms of menopause. They may prefer to receive it treated immediately. They take sleeping pills for rest and wear lighter clothes so the hot flashes are trapped. Some of them use Pepto-Bismol to put right bloating and their stomach upsets.

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In this condition of acute distress, a rigid control is needed within the food intake. Proper food helps to tune your body to menopause readily. You should have learned about Soy. It’s a natural food and very good for health. It comprises sufficient quantity of plant estrogens called iso-flavens, which are extremely powerful to control hot flashes during menopause. These estrogens reduce the cholesterol according to research.

    • Additionally Soy comprises minerals like calcium and iron and adequate quantity of nourishment and fulfills the need of woman especially who need vegan diet.
    • Nuts contain some fat, but it’s wholly different from the wealthy animal fat and it’s unsaturated and good for health.
    • Moreover there are antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, selenium and vitamin E. The benefit with nuts is that you can add them to other foods and produce food tasty also. Our body needs protein for growth and receiving strength.
    • Fish is good for health and contains protein, omega 3-fatty acids that are useful for heart. This fat also reduces LDL cholesterol, and you may enjoy relishing fish.
    • Flax is chiefly found in the kind of seeds. Otherwise, you could also buy its capsules. Like Soy these include phyto-estrogens which are useful to control hot flashes. Flax also has essential fatty acids in them for reducing cholesterol.
    • Green tea comprises polyphones. It may be taken as a fantastic supply of antioxidants once in a while. It’s a natural remedy to fight cancer and protect against damage of cells. Another most useful food that’s mostly recommended for good health is green leafy veggies.
    • Green vegetable are a fantastic source for vitamins and minerals. These include fiber, Vitamin B and C, iron, calcium and manganese.
    • Coming to the milk products, yoghurt is an excellent nourishing food. It comprises active civilization such as lacto bacillus acidophilus which helps to control bad bacteria in the alimentary canal. Calcium is a fantastic mineral for health. But yoghurt is to be averted, if you’re having lactose allergy.


You can see you have loads of healthy and tasty foods. You may relish the majority of them whenever you like and control over the menopause symptoms also. Consuming plenty of water is always suggested to flush out toxins from body.