How To Get Headache Pain Relief?

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Although headaches affect many people at some point in their lives, the severity of these symptoms can vary. Some headaches can be so severe that they disrupt our daily lives, leaving us temporarily incapacitated. Headache is a condition that causes shooting or throbbing pains in your head. However, you may also experience pain in the lower neck and back.


Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of headaches, there are some key factors that can be identified. These include eye strain, swelling of sinuses, and more serious conditions like brain cancer and blood clots. How are headaches classified There are two types of headaches: primary and secondary.

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches include tension headaches, migraine, cluster episodes, and a few other less common types.

Tension headaches are the most common of all. This type of headache affects around 90% of adults, but is more common in women. Migraine headaches are the second most frequent primary headache and affect millions worldwide. Around 12% of Americans will experience migraines.

Cluster headaches are another type of primary headache. They affect approximately 0.1% of the population and 85% are experienced by men. The majority of those suffering from headaches are between 28- and 30-years old. Children can also suffer from headaches, especially before puberty. Boys and girls are affected at the same level as adults, but not like adults. Women will experience more severe headaches than men.

Did You Know?

Foot Spa is a popular option. A effective detoxifying foot spa will balance and reenergise your body through the removal of unwanted toxins. It has been shown to reduce pain.

Are there natural remedies? The ‘flowers-of-henna’ are a natural remedy that has been shown to relieve headache pain caused by overexposure to the sun. Simply rub the henna into the vinegar and massage it into your forehead.