¿Cómo combatir los calambres en las piernas durante el embarazo?

Leg cramps during pregnancy. Closeup of hands massaging swollen foot while sitting on sofa.

A debilitating side effect of pregnancy may be the nightly leg cramps. These debilitating cramps most often strike when you are in a deep sleep and near the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. They’re excruciating but you can prevent them. This report will provide you tips for preventing them.


By following a few guidelines and about two minutes of leg exercises every day, you might not ever have to contend with these painful spasms again. What causes pregnancy leg cramps? When pregnant, our bodies go through a significant metamorphosis and the extra weight our thighs need to bare can have an effect on muscles and you may have sciatic pain and femur pain also.

Leg cramps can occur at night due to a lot of factors like the weight gain, dehydration, poor circulation and vitamin deficiencies. By handling flow, eating well and getting some help from your partner, you can lessen the odds of getting these pains that disturb your much needed rest. Be certain you take your prenatal vitamins while pregnant. Getting enough calcium, potassium and magnesium can lower the odds of painful leg cramps.

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Eating a daily banana may boost your potassium levels and lessen the possibility of painful muscle spasms such as leg cramping. Be certain you’re well hydrated. Many pregnant women avoid having a drink before bed to reduce night waking to urinate but dehydration can cause problems with muscles and improve your likelihood of having leg cramps. Circulation is quite important once you’re pregnant and will definitely help you minimize the frequency of pains and aches.


If you have problems with repeated problems with leg cramps and other aches and pains, then think about taking a nightly bath and soaking with witch hazel that could help with swelling and flow. Before you retire for the night, ask your partner to massage your thighs and calves for you. Before you retire lay in bed and raise one leg and bend your feet several times. Then rotate ankles clockwise and counterclockwise about ten times each. Then do the other leg.


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