How To Fight Migraines?

A closeup photo of a blooming passion flower on a potted passiflora plant with many green leaves, an indoors vine

Migraines are a headache that is unique. They can cause severe pain and make it difficult to enjoy large parts of your life. A migraine can last from four to seventy-two hours. It can cause a host symptoms, including nausea, purging, sensitivity to light and sound, and mental confusion.

Migraine Aura

These headaches are characterized by one type of symptom. These migraine auras can manifest as hallucinations or flashing lights that can be seen even before the headache begins. These types of headaches are also known as “Classic Migraines”. This type of headache can be experienced by everyone differently.

Some may last for hours while others may only feel it for a few minutes. Migraines can be a constant fear for some people. Others might only experience one or two migraines per year. There are many options available to treat migraine headaches. The symptoms can be reduced and headache frequency can be decreased to a great extent.

Factor hormonal

Research suggests that migraines can be caused by changes in brain levels of dopamine and serotonin. These changes are reacted to by the body, causing inflammation to occur. Seventy percent of people with symptoms have a history of it. Other factors that can trigger migraine headaches include certain foods (like caffeine or alcohol), physical exertion; missing meals; prescription medications; hormonal changes, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Before determining if you have a migraine, your doctor will examine your medical history and family history. In the weeks before your appointment, it is a good idea keep a log of your headache frequency and length. Some medications that are prescribed for other conditions can also have the side effect of reducing the severity of migraine headaches. They are especially well-respected for their ability to treat them with anti-depressants or anti-convulsants. It is becoming more popular to use herbs to treat headaches.


This type of treatment aims to treat the underlying causes of migraines, such as stress and hormone changes. Don Quai, Black Cohosh, and Passiflora are all known to be effective in preventing these headaches. It is a good idea to seek advice from a local homeopath or naturopath if you are not sure which ones to use.