¿Cómo defenderse?

Pepper spray is essentially defense used against bears, dogs or individuals who intend to cause injury to people (mostly girls ). It’s typically available in an aerosol form and its most notable ingredient is OC (oleoresin capsicum) – a phrase that’s usually called Chile pepper.

Chili pepper

The warmth of a Chile pepper is measured by the quantity of capsaicin it contains – the more capsaicin, the hotter the bite. The Scoville scale rates capsaicin heat in peppers: a bell pepper receives a score of zero Scoville units, though a habanero (hottest of the hot peppers) is rated at 300,000 units. These mind-staggering statistics leave no doubt that one bite of the pepper spray may cause the most memorable agony to a person.

It’s basically an extremely effective, non-lethal weapon which may temporarily stop an attacker in his tracks. It’s essentially made from ultra-hot cayenne peppers which get in the skin, eyes and nostrils to provide a burning sensation which could last up to thirty minutes. When a woman hits a criminal with this self-defense spray, their eyes will water, throat will sag and they’ll find it very tough to breathe.

¿Lo sabías?

Lots of girls are unaware of it, though, a fundamental self-defense weapon such as pepper spray may save their life. With all the present criminal attacks that could possibly end up in an awful situation, it’s a clever decision to remain protected. One certain tool that’s liked by girls is lipstick pepper spray. With a defense spray, you have the ability to stay safe from almost any attack and you can shield yourself from being violated at all.

A single spray into the surface of the receiver and he’ll feel an unbearable burning discomfort in the skin and the eyes. This discomfort will leave him senseless with distress for a few minutes so the user can run off. There are number of benefits in which carrying out a pepper spray can assist you in teaching how to protect yourself from being a victim, and victimizing the enemy.

Toma nota

One of the favorite sorts of pepper spray girls enjoy carrying around is the lipstick pepper spray. This miniature pepper spray is light in weight and compact, and it can be carried without difficulty. The small dimensions and related proportions makes it easy to put in a handbag or remained hidden in the hands, which delivers the element of surprise. Using this method, the goal will be taken aback and not prepared to search for cover.

As it’s further a canning pepper spray, its design makes this lipstick spray look like nearly any normal lipstick case. This is an superb advantage that offers the surprise element. Designed especially for girls, lipstick pepper spray is the best protection and this really helps girls gain an upper hand and can be helpful in one of the key hints in how to win a battle!