How To Control Menopause Weight Gain?

evening primrose root

Menopause remedies can be found in as much varieties as menopause symptoms. However there exists a few that appear to have stood the test of time having used in Europe and China for years and years. We shall have an instant go through the hottest menopause remedies and what menopause symptoms they address. We then finish with a short look at menopause weight gain and how it could be managed.

Ayuda a base de hierbas

Chinese Medicine could be effective in lots of areas.

  • Bao shao yao – for hair thinning.
  • Qing huo – To lessen hot flushes.
  • Chi shao yao – for dry, itchy skin.
  • Fo ti – A tonic for the urinary tract, which works to energize and rejuvenate.
  • Night sweats nuo dao gen -for.
  • Ginseng – As an over-all immune stress and tonic reliever.
  • Tu fu ling – for sore or dry vagina.
  • Bao shao yao – for hair thinning.
  • Dong quai – for irregular menstruation and severe bleeding. Like China, Europe includes a long history of traditional medicine.
  • Black Cohosh – Useful for short-term (six months) treatment of hot flushes.
  • Chasteberry – Used to take care of PMS, mood swings, headache, breast fullness and for general hormonal balance.
  • Evening primrose – Reported by a large number of woman to alleviate mood and PMS swings.
  • St. John’s Wort – Known because of its anti-depressant and stress relieving qualities.
  • Sage – Taken as tea to greatly help with hot flushes.


The physical body holds water and fat as a buffer against toxicity. A straightforward one line menopause diet therefore is “Eat even more water rich food and less processed food” as this can decrease the bodies’ toxicity. When combating menopause weight gain the more you detoxify the less water and fat your system will have to retain as a buffer to toxicity.

Another key reason behind weight gain in menopause is sugar imbalance. A higher intake of sugar not merely effects hormone production, causing mood swings and cravings but sugar also plays a part in toxicity requiring your body to carry more water and fat as a buffer.

In order to take things step-by-step start eliminating foods and record what menopause symptoms change. Anything you remove from your own diet, omit for 7 to 12 days. Thus giving the body time and energy to remove any toxicity that that one food item might have been causing and you ought to visit a corresponding decrease in menopause symptoms.