¿Cómo controlar los sofocos de la menopausia?

Mujer madura que experimenta sofocos por la menopausia usando un ventilador

How Can I Control Hot Flashes? I know I’m not alone when I state that hot flashes are the worst portion of menopause and the worst menopause symptom. For me personally, I was fairly sure I was not going to have any choice but to attempt to restrain them, but the biggest issue was how do I control hot flashes?


A whole lot of times it appeared like nothing worked, I spoke to my friends in exactly the exact same boat, and they basically said the exact same thing. I was just going to have to take care of it, have fun. Dealing with it wasn’t something that I actually needed to do, there was a solution. With the improvements in medicine, there must be something they can do to help me reduce the menopause symptoms and possibly at least restrict my hot flashes. I have a wonderful doctor that I’d seen for years, she had been there when I’d given birth to both of my kids, and she had helped me through a great deal of medical issues.

I turned to her for this as I would anything else. When I explained to her menopause symptoms, she gave me two options. She said I could cope with them, or I could try a medicine that may make it worse. I walked from her office frustrated and upset with the circumstance. I knew that somewhere out there was something which treated menopause symptoms better than what I had been dealing with. There was no way that this many people dealt with this for so long. I met a friend for lunch which was in a similar situation as me, and I saw her take a pill at lunch which was for her menopause symptoms. I told her I was so skeptical of drugs, and then she told me it was a extremely popular all-natural remedy that worked.


She gave me the advice and I instantly started research. She was right, I did not need to wonder how do I control my hot flashes and my menopause symptoms again, I simply could and it was a superb relief. Finally I felt like I had control of my life again, all thanks to a very small supplement which (amazingly) was organic too.