¿Cómo combatir la sequedad de la menopausia?

Cohosh negro

Menopause dryness is embarrassing, and it can put a severe damper on not just your sexual life but also your general level of comfort with your body. Despite the fact that vaginal dryness may occur in women of any age, menopause vaginal dryness is the most frequent sort. This sort of dryness is due to the fall of estrogen in your system.

Hormonal Changes

When estrogen levels drop, your vaginal lining becomes thinner and stiffer, causing dryness and discomfort. It is possible to overcome vaginal dryness, however, with a natural remedy. While you should practice a general lifestyle which will help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, black cohosh is most likely the very best natural cure for vaginal dryness.

Cohosh negro

What is Black Cohosh? Unlike many of the other organic remedies for menopausal symptoms, black cohosh does not include phytoestrogens – plant chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body. While most phytoestrogens come from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, black cohosh is in fact an herb in the same household as buttercups. It’s a natural nutritional supplement, and if taken according to instructions, it is very safe. Up to now, no studies have shown that it interacts negatively with other drugs.

Menopausal Dryness

How Can it Help Menopausal Dryness? Actually, this is one of those tricky things about black cohosh. Scientists and herbalists once believed it interacted with the body in a manner that’s comparable to phytoestrogens, which may actually bind with estrogen receptors the same as the real hormone. Now, however, we know that black cohosh does not affect the body in a hormonal manner.

Although it’s effects are non-hormonal, it has been demonstrated to be a great treatment for the common symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness, for many women.

Is It Safe?

Is it Safe for Menopausal Women? There have been no research so far showing that black cohosh is dangerous for women that are experiencing menopause. Having said that, it should not be used by pregnant women, nursing women, or kids. Black cohosh has been used by women in Europe for decades, and hardly any women complain of any negative side effects in any way.

In actuality, therapists believe black cohosh to be so secure it is frequently used for high-risk menopause sufferers, like those that have a family or personal history of breast cancer. Rather than using dangerous hormone replacement therapies on these girls, therapists decide to help them overcome symptoms such as vaginal dryness with black cohosh. Like many other organic remedies, the best way to use black cohosh is on a regular basis.


In actuality, many women use this natural remedy to ease them into melancholy. As soon as you start to experience vaginal dryness, it is ideal to begin using this natural supplement as part of your daily supplement regimen. It comes in several different over-the-counter brands, and you need to follow the instructions for the specific dosage that you’re taking at any given time.