¿Cómo romper el agarre de tu atacante?

Una joven se defiende con su bolso de un delincuente armado con una palanca.

Knowledge of how to protect one’s self and warn off a would be attacker is essential for individual protection. Women are targeted most frequently by predators. There need for instruction and expertise in the perfect techniques to properly defend themselves from attack is vital.

Es bueno saberlo

Such knowledge puts them in a position to take defensive actions and protect yourself from possible harm and death. A very helpful protection hold that is extremely affective in disarming an assailant is your neck-pressure way of breaking back or front grip. The ability to efficiently split and assailant’s grip for a couple of seconds will provide you sufficient time to break free from the attacker and scurry to safety. The attacker’s grip can come from anywhere.

They might have grabbed you from the front by your clothes, or they might be holding onto a door or railing and refuse to let go. In either case you would like to force them to relax their grip. If attacked from the front, to make them break their grip grasp their outer garment collar from the neck with your fingers only. Allow both thumbs to come forward and break on your attackers neck on either side of his Adam’s Apple as if you’re preparing to choke them.

¿Y ahora qué?

Now your fingers will provide you leverage while your thumbs force inward toward each other. Your assailant won’t be able to endure the extreme pain of the pressure you exert in their Adam’s Apple with your thumbs and will give up. If your assailant has positioned themselves so you can’t get in front of them, work to position yourself to get as near the back of your attacker and put your left forearm across their throat.

At precisely the exact same time put the edge of the right hand (the finger extended) up beneath the cartilage of the nose or in their nostrils. Force their head backward as hard and far back as you can. Next drag away their head. It will take a little extra strength to force them to break their grip and you’ll have the ability to get away. Taking charge of your personal safety is a significant step to protecting yourself from risk. This point can’t be overly emphasized.


If you know what to do to defend yourself and what not to do, you’ll have the ability to handle most emergencies that endanger your personal safety. Follow your instincts when it comes to personal security and security. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, you personal safety could be at risk, be ready. There are lots of unique procedures of personal self defense, some of which require licensing or special training. Hand to hand combat methods, like the one discussed here, requires neither. Use your hands as weapons is the earliest and best self protection system there is. They supply protection precisely where and right when you need it. This procedure highlights pro active strategies that could offer a lifetime of benefits studying, security and protection. Isn’t this something you ought to know?