¿Cómo reforzar el sistema inmunitario para la gripe porcina?

With all the crazyness going on about swine flu, I figured I’d have a different approach. Not by having the ideal drugs to heal yourself in case you get it. Prevent this from the start and you are better off, catch my drift? An ordinary person gets anywhere from 2-3 serious colds each year, while the average kid has anywhere from 4-8. That’s staggering! It’s not!

It isn’t normal

There’s nothing normal about getting sick, it means you’ve got a weak immune system and you might catch any virus without difficulty. THAT’S normal in my view. So how do we go about doing this? Well I have a list of some of the best herbal remedies which are proven to help enhance your immune system and help keep it strong yearlong. These immune system boosters are fairly affordable and can be obtained as a preventative measure. Also notice that if you DO manage to get sick, these remedies can allow you to recover a great deal faster.

Also called Sambucus, is a species of shrubs or small trees. Mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere, the elderberry has been used as a treatment for flu, sinusitis and colds for centuries in folk medicine. There was a study done in Norway where investigators took 60 patients who had been suffering from flu-like symptoms and did a randomized, double blind placebo evaluation. 93% of those patients that were treated with elderberry were symptom free within two weeks, and those who were given the placebo took up to 6 weeks to recuperate.

How does this work?

It contains antioxidants called flavonoids that have proven to stimulate the immune system together with anthocyanins – that has anti-inflammatory properties. Throw in the fact that elderberry is proven safe for adults and kids alike with no known side effects and you’ve got a WINNER! If a company comes out with something like”Elderberry toast spread” to help treat your flu symptoms, send some hate mail action their way, cuz they are just ripping you off. Including licorice tastes and candies. But when you’re sick, I think you should just suck it up, buttercup. Licorice is a known anti inflammatory, antipasmodic, expectorant (expels mucus) & demulcent (helps soothe your sore throat). Quite the celebrity then, is it not? You may take licorice in powdered form (the origin ) or as an infusion. So don’t take it for over 5 weeks since it can cause your kidneys to retain sodium & water and shed potassium.

Moderation is key

A species of plants which are generally called the coneflower. These plants are native to eastern and central portion of North America. Echinacea is HOT at the moment, you will find a boat load of merchandise out there with this stuff promising to help you rid of your cold and flu like symptoms in days. Elderberry or Licorice has a far more dramatic effect. You do this at your OWN risk. So, how does this stuff work? It’s three bioactive ingredients which stimulate the immune system: alkylamides, polysaccharides and cichoric acid.

Again, this is best taken in standardized extract from . The fantastic thing about echinacea is that it’s excellent for both preventative and curative treatment. A study published in the Clinical Therapeutics found that individuals who were taking Echinacea reduced their odds of catching a cold by 55 percent. I’ll take that! Another species of roughly 2000 kinds of herbs and small shrubs, and also known by these names: Huang Qi, Bei Qi, Hwanggi, Milk Vetch. The yellow root of the plant is where the medicinal properties lie, therefore some root infusion is what you are after. This herb’s antifungal properties functions against certain kinds of ailments such as: the common cold, herpes simplex, coxsackie virus and parainfluenza. Additionally it is used for impaired immunity and as an adjunctive cancer therapy. There have been studies done, and they reveal that astragalus increases the amount of stem cells in bone marrow and lymph tissue; enhances production of immunoglobulin; stimulates macrophages; also triggers T-cells and organic fighter cells.

Tenga en cuenta

I can just SEE the supplement companies hoping to isolate the crucial ingredient that’s shown to boost T-cells. Sometimes having the ability to see the future is quite entertaining. Before we reach our last natural immune system booster, let it be understood that the most important immune boosting technique is – AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. I harp on this over and over again, and it is something I hammer into everybody. Regular exercise and proper eating habits has NO substitute. A powerful body has a strong immune system, and combining that with these herbal immune boosters can make you unstoppable. Check out this extraordinary Free gym mini-course for an wonderful workout regimen that helps shrink your fat cells, build lean muscle, together with nutritional hints to help you stay energized throughout the day.

Finally we have shrooms!

OK maybe this is not the identical sort of stuff, but it’s used a lot in traditional Chinese Medicine (for over 2000 years to be precise!) . Composed of complex carbohydrates such as polysaccharides, triterpeniods & distinct amino acids, it’s supposed to calm your mind, restore emotional balance, enhance your immune function and may be used for preventative therapy. The water-soluble polysaccharides is the most important ingredient that’s known to possess anti-tumor, immune boosting and blood pressure lowering effects. You get this material in powder form and may be obtained as directed. Whatever. Prevention is always better than finding a “cure”.