¿Cómo ser una mujer solidaria?

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In my journey as a Coach and a Direct Sales supporter, I often hear that lots of girls are frustrated with the lack of support they get from their significant other. One of my guiding principles is: No girl really requires a man so as to be successful. When she understands it, she steps into her power and possesses her success.


When he understands it, it enables him to honor her power and be supportive in the way that serves her best. My spouse was single for 14 years before we met. She raised an great daughter single-handed and enjoyed success as an executive. There was no doubt in my mind that this lady doesn’t want me to function and will be as powerful as she wants to be. I’m passionate about encouraging her anyway I can and enjoy opportunities to be in a position to do so.

Being a strong and capable woman, she often just gets going and does not require anything from me. There are a number of chances that I see where I could be of support. Sometimes it’s a match for her, other times she stays focused on what’s in front of her. My second guiding principle: It is HER business.

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Regardless of what, it’s her business to run any way that she chooses. And, of course, to be accountable for her results. My wife knows that I am accessible for her anytime for anything she desires. When she doesn’t call on me, I know she is in her power and it is not a sign that she doesn’t need me. Several of the powerful women I’ve met who expressed a desire for more support from their spouse were astonished to realize that they had been significantly contributing to the lack of it.

To be encouraged, you have to be support-able. Being on your own power is an essential element to succeed. Being open and benefiting from support from others will let you leverage your power more efficiently, be more effective and have a positive influence on your relationship. Your other half will greatly enjoy the chance to be of value & service and will enjoy the feeling of being needed. If you want more support, you need to open yourself up to being support-able.

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This might be hard at first, if you’re accustomed to flying solo. As you look ahead to your day’s activities, start looking for tasks you could delegate. What jobs are on your list your partner would be inclined to do? What abilities do they have that you could benefit from? Shift to an’us’ perspective.

What actions do you have in your schedule that could be done collectively? If you reach your goals earlier, how can you use the additional time together? If it’s really important to you to accomplish something on your own, that is fine. Simply communicating that fact – and letting them know you may have other chances for them – will go a long way to keeping their interest in supporting you.


The simplest, most efficient way to leverage your energy and take care of the support of your spouse is to admit them and love them. Let them know just how much it means to you to get their love and share their life. And, what a important part they have the future that you hold the vision for. The main part of my trip with my wife is’us’. Without that, nothing else really matters.