How To Battle Weight Gain In Menopause?

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The inevitable weight gain in menopause reveals with new aches and pains, hot flashes and irrational emotions. These additional pounds really don’t help the situation. Weight gain in menopause is simpler to pack on and more difficult to eliminate. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

Aumento de peso

Weight gain in menopause occurs as a consequence of a combination of events. Menopause indicates the slowing down of hormone production in a woman’s body. In actuality, it exacerbates a plethora of systems which are slowing down, including metabolism. If you weren’t so busy before, with menopause, you might slow down much more. Less action and no change in your diet is the number one culprit of weight gain in menopause. Another cause of weight gain in menopause is a change in how the body currently stores fat.

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Before menopause, fat has been stored just under the surface of the skin, over the internal organs. This fat, while unsightly, will be simpler than the fat that’s currently stored viscerally with the onset of menopause. You see, weight gain in menopause means that the fat is presently being stored beneath the abdominal wall, in and around the organs. This fat is significantly tougher to eliminate. Additionally, it interferes with your hormones and blood sugar levels.

Now, one might think that restricting food consumption could be a smart thing, but one would be wrong. The last thing your body needs to consider is that famine has set in. As a survival mechanism, the body stops burning fat for fuel into a high percentage so as to make it through the famine. Famine does not generally happen to many people in this era, but one’s body doesn’t know that.

Nutrition factor

If you start to limit food, your body will respond by not releasing fat. So the secret to preventing weight gain in menopause? Eat well, but choose your meals with special consideration. The key point to realize after menopause starts, is that a change in diet will be necessary. Eating lots of roughage (fruits and vegetables) will help keep the removal process operating at peak efficiency and drinking a lot of water will flush toxins off, in addition to fat. The other important element is activity levels. If you were very busy before menopause, this should pose little difficulty for you. But if you had a rather sedentary life before menopause, then weight gain in menopause will happen unless you change your activity levels.

Do this!

The simplest thing to do would be to go for a walk, which, although not only fairly simple to accomplish, is quite affordable. A fantastic pair of walking shoes, and your own neighborhood or local park, and you are set.