¿Cómo evitar los delitos en los cajeros automáticos?

Male Trying To Steal Pin Code Of Woman's Card Using ATM For Withdrawing Cash

How often have you found yourself prepared to venture out for this sporting event, concert, or birthday celebration, and as you get in the car that you understand that you don’t have any money? Most of us live a fairly fast paced lifestyle and wait until the last minute to do everything.

ATM machines

ATM money machines have become a lifestyle for a lot of men and women. They offer a wonderful advantage to those on the run, but they also provide a wonderful convenience to thieves. What better place to find individuals with money on hand than in the ATM. Just as these machines are available 24/7 does not mean they’re safe to use. ATM security requires awareness and a bit of planning.

Most ATM robbery victims are women and are alone when the robberies happened. The robbers usually prefer to work independently. They’ll hang out somewhere close to the cash machine where they’ll be tough to notice, usually behind trees or shrubs, concrete barriers, or occasionally in a nearby automobile.

Surprise factor

They like to use the element of surprise in their victims.The majority of sufferers claim that they never saw the robber coming before it was too late. In drive through ATM robberies, the robber usually approaches from the back of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Walkup ATM robberies happened in a number of distinct ways.

Many times the burglar will wait on the ideal chance, get out and behave as if he’s using the ATM in front of his intended goal, and then rob the individual when they walk him up. The proportion of robberies is marginally higher at walkup ATM’s than at driveup ATM’s. If you or your household use ATM’s on a regular basis, there are some basic guidelines to follow to make certain that you have a safe experience. First of all, be certain you only use ATM’s in well lit, higher traffic areas. Don’t go to the machines which are located behind buildings away from the public’s eye. Drive to a different place till you find one that you feel secure at. Try to only use the ATM in daylight hours.

Risk Hours

The maximum risk is between 8pm and 4am. Try to have some money on hand, especially if you’ll be travelling through or close to a high crime area. A little forethought and planning can eliminate a whole lot of problems. When ever you drive up to an ATM, scan the region really great for suspicious people standing around or sitting in cars. If you see anyone suspicious, drive away. Should you use it, keep your car in gear with your foot on the brake, and plan to drive off in case you see someone suspicious coming.

At a walkup ATM, always have your card ready, make your transaction quick, and always keep an eye out behind you. If you take a self defense spray or stun gun, it would be smart to get it ready to use. When you get your money, put it away instantly. If you’re ever approached by someone that feels or looks at all suspicious while in any ATM, terminate your trade, and depart immediately, even though it means leaving your card.

What are you loosing?

Losing your card isn’t a huge deal. Losing your life is. If you’re approached by an unarmed robber, first inform the unarmed person to”back off!” or “get away from me!” In a really firm and loud voice. If they’re people nearby, shout as loud as possible. Studies indicate that screaming “fire” or”fight” will bring people running to the scene faster than”help”.

Also, try to avoid a physical confrontation, but you must be ready to protect yourself at all costs. In the event that you’re ever caught by surprise and are confronted by an armed robber, give up your money without debate. Never try to fight with or stick to an armed robber. The small amount of money you stand to lose isn’t worth serious harm or death. Afterwards, get to a safe location and call the police immediately.

Nota final

Hopefully, these few tips will help keep you and your loved ones from injury when using the ATM machines, It’s sad that we must worry about people trying to do us harm, but in this crazy world we live in, we always will. Plan ahead, be conscious of your surroundings at all times, and trust your instincts. These three things will help you to stay safe in everything that you do.