How To Apply For Free Grants As A Single Mother?

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If you’re a low income single mother, you could qualify to get free grants, subsidies and financial help. You may wonder: “From whom?” The solution is that the federal government, your state’s government and various charities for girls. Why apply for free grants for single moms? Some may say the answer is clear.


If you’re always struggling to make ends meet and feed your children, perhaps you’re missing something important. First, we’ll assume you’ve already gotten rid of unnecessary expenditures. Including dining out, your aircon, cable TV service, iPhone, MacBook, X-Box, Playstation, new HDTV, BluRay player, 3G support, shiny new car, etc.. Face it, if you’re able to afford these luxuries, you’re not in financial need.


Childcare is expensive. In certain areas, childcare costs more than a college education. If you can drop your children off with their grandparents when you go to work, that helps. If you simply go to work after you put them to bed (e.g. you work the night shift), that helps. If your eldest child is old enough and able to care for his or her younger sisters, that’s also good. Otherwise, you might find a good deal of your salary going towards childcare.

Have you ever considered searching for a low-cost childcare that whose performance is subsidized by the government (rather than some low-cost childcare that costs less by cutting corners)? Have you ever considered requesting a grant or subsidy to your childcare expenses from the federal government or your state government? In the towns, particularly, food is expensive even if you only cook and eat at home.


There are ways that you can cook more cheaply, by way of instance you can save 50 percent of your cooking prices by switching to recipes which can be cooked with a haybox. Go ahead and Google it, you’ll see directions on creating your own. But you still need to get the raw ingredients, which is where food stamps, food banks as well as the soup kitchen (for the truly desperate) come in.

The federal food stamp program is named SNAP, but your state authorities might also have its own subsidy. The food banks are typically conducted by charities and other non-profit foundations. Whether you have your own home or rent one, the price can be a killer. The mortgage or rental, and your utilities are all places where you can get help. If you’ve got a heavy mortgage, consider renegotiating it so you pay less monthly.

If you’re leasing, look up the federal Section 8 housing subsidy in addition to your state’s housing subsidy vouchers. In terms of the utilities, start looking for grants to make your home more energy efficient.

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For instance, this can go towards insulating your house better so that you could spend less on heating bills in winter. Fortunately, public schooling for children isn’t too pricey. On the other hand, if you are able to save $500 here, that is $500 you can save for their future college education or for a crisis. For example, rather than buying textbooks, see if their school has a textbook lending program for poorer students.

Find out whether the school will forgive their school fees, or if your state government provides some sort of subsidy. Check with your fellow church members to discover if anyone is willing to donate used textbooks. Have you got an associate degree or another college degree? Statistics from the Department of Labor show that people with degrees earn two to three times greater than those with just a high school degree.


Your very best option towards obtaining a higher education would be to check out what your local community college offers. Look to their shorter courses which result in skills required by local businesses and companies. Then visit the college’s financial aid office to receive their help finding grants for schooling. If you’re a low income single mother, you should attempt and apply for free grants. Many financially destitute families locate the five areas above to be major pain points. There are frequently grants covering the five areas listed above. Even if you’re poor, there’s absolutely no reason to live a life of despair.

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