How To Achieve Female Hormone Balance?

3d illustration of the thyroid gland and pituitary gland part of the endocrine system

You hear a great deal about female hormones and hormone imbalances in the information. Oddly, one of the things you do not hear is a fundamental fact about female hormone balance, which is this: that the female hormone system is intended to balance its own hormones.

Equilibrio hormonal

Proof of this is obvious enough – female hormone balance continues to be adequate over the course of human history not to only populate the entire world, but to over populate it. And until the past couple of decades, that phenomenon has happened without the help of modern pharmaceuticals. Having said that, many contemporary women are experiencing health problems caused largely by hormone difficulties.

No doubt, any girl who has ever suffered from hormone imbalances is highly motivated to maintain normal hormone levels. But does she need to exchange a more balanced hormonal system for increased risk of stroke, heart attacks or cancer? Is it possible to maintain hormones balanced without also taking on these risks associated with hormone replacement?

Tenga en cuenta

In a nutshell, what could be done about the fact that modern girls are suffering from a lot of hormonal issues? And more importantly, what could be done about it? Is there an effective strategy that is doesn’t increase risk of stroke, heart attacks or cancer and enhances overall health in the procedure? Does the solution lie in providing extraneous hormones – in other words, either patented chemical imitations of hormones through prescription medications, or bioidentical products?

A substantial issue with these is that they bypass the natural feedback mechanisms that the body uses to balance hormones moment by moment. Providing that complicated balancing act by some outside means, such as laboratory tests and dose control, would be virtually impossible. Then there is the fact that, more frequently than not, hormone imbalances are symptoms instead of causes.

¿Qué hacer?

What then is the better way? In short, it’s encouraging the female body so that it can produce and balance its own hormone system. This is accomplished, not by fixing one isolated system (like the gender hormone-producing system, by way of instance ), but instead, by addressing the many factors involved that cause imbalances.

While this might seem overwhelming, or even impossible, it’s actually a straightforward procedure, one that is easily learned and implemented, and one which has the additional benefit of producing not only natural hormone balance from the interior, but also better all-around health. Holistically addressing each and each of the causes impinging on women’s hormone systems means better health and hormone balance with no chemicals, no additives, no prescriptions, and no side effects.

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