¿Cómo es la nutrición adecuada para el Lyme?

Fresh salad of romaine greens, sliced chicken breast, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, boiled egg, and blue cheese.

It’s something you never hear a doctor discuss: Proper nourishment when you have lyme. But, it’s very important. When you have lyme, your immune system works hard. If you’re fighting with your meals, you have inflammation in your body, you’re only run down, you can not fight it off nicely. Lyme, like most of other bacterial infections can and has been successfully fought off by healthy people.


Lyme is not exactly new. It’s been recorded for at least 100 years. So, why now? Well, we have reached a tipping point in health where people are sick, very sick all the time. That makes it much easier for all illnesses to spread. Additionally, lyme comes with a lot of other bacterial co-infections that allow it to hide. These co-infections were something that people 100 years ago simply brushed off.

They were powerful enough to fight them off. Like measles, they could fight off the infections and become healthy in a matter of weeks. Yellow & Orange veggies – high in vitamin A. Doctors used to prescribe these veggies for measles since it’s the 1 thing you can provide a little, sick child without any side effects and really works to conquer the disease.

Fermented foods

The greater probiotics you have in your gut, the better chance you’ve got at balancing the germs in the rest of the body. It enables our immune system to operate where it is required: combating the lyme, not bad bacteria. Notice these are vegetables and healthful foods. Now, do not go out and gather the weeds without even knowing what you do. That’s a fantastic way to end up dead.

But, a number of these weeds are now available in shops and farmer’s markets. Water also plays a vital role. When you’re dehydrated, your blood and joints are thickened. Your immune system works harder to combat infections. Plus, your energy is too low to for one to do everything that you need to, and fight the disease. The more water you drink, the easier it is to for your joints and blood to remain plump and healthy. Having become more immune related problems recently, because of my immune problems (Sjogren’s), I find that the earliest remedies are still the best. Support the body and it’ll support you.