¿Cuál es la tasa de abortos espontáneos tras la reversión de las trompas?

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When researching and reading concerning the tubal reversal process many question just how long it will require to obtain pregnant. Others wonder concerning the rate of miscarriage. May be the rate of miscarriage higher? Why achieve this many appear to suffer miscarriages following the tubal reversal procedure.


Up to now there is absolutely no medical proof that the rate of miscarriage after tubal ligation reversal surgery is higher. But in case a woman reads on a tubal ligation reversal forum it looks like you can find miscarriages found. What may be the good reason because of this if not an increased rate? When researching tubal ligation reversal we learn that the rate of ectopic pregnancy is higher.

It has been proven certainly medically. And when a female gets a confident pregnancy test following a reversal it is vital on her behalf safety to check out the first Pregnancy Protocol. But miscarriages certainly are a different story and there’s a theory as to the reasons we read more about them. Whenever a patient gets the reversal surgery often she shall join a note board for support. Because that is different from numerous others forms of surgery she searches for support while going right through the journey.

There are certainly others that know very well what she is going right through and the emotions involved. When on a note board for tubal ligation reversal the patients discuss every part including the attempting to conceive phase. For a few it takes a couple weeks to obtain pregnant while for others it requires longer. Whenever a patient realizes she actually is pregnant she actually is thrilled and really wants to share the news headlines.

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Often this is a because the home pregnancy test is positive soon. Because couples have a tendency to need to get pregnant immediately following a reversal they’re seeking to test the moment there could be the opportunity the pregnancy test will undoubtedly be positive. The testing is a thing that most of us do early. But if didn’t have the tubal ligation reversal would we try this early? Did we before our litigations? No, we didn’t generally. Even women which have never really had surgery have a tendency to miscarry in very early pregnancy but just have no idea it.


We haven’t even missed our periods and so are testing. Although rate of miscarriage might seem higher it probably isn’t. We just have a tendency to notice a whole many more about our anatomies after reversal surgery. The rate of tubal reversal miscarriage isn’t shown to be higher medically. Many think that for the reason that women which have had the task tend to be “in-tune” making use of their body and cycles.