¿Cómo nos mete el feminismo en problemas?

closeup of a young caucasian woman in the street showing a piece of paper with a symbol for gender equality drawn in it

Did Feminism Get Us in Trouble? Feminism has been living and flourishing for over 40 years, but can it be giving us what we need? Thriving it might be, but whether it is alive and well is another matter entirely. Recently I read a post pointing to how women are in fact less happy now than 30 years back.

How can this be?

You’d think that all of the years of”progress” towards equalizing rights, decreasing the pay gap and the ever-growing number of girls attaining advanced degrees would encourage improved feelings and happiness, yet the numbers indicate otherwise. One explanation is that women have, for several years, felt they perform double occupations: career woman and national attendant. At the close of the workday, girls would come home to wrangle all of the household chores and still had to be done. However, experts disagree about the soundness of the hypothesis; a few counter with statistical evidence demonstrating that the workload (workday along with other duties ) of both men and women has decreased since 1965.

Technology has progressed tremendously in the national field, having an abysmal selection of useful household cleaning appliances that take a chunk out of their workload. But only because the workload was diminished slightly does not mean women do not devote the same amount of time considering the chores left to be done. Perhaps the unhappiness is better connected to the fact that if women in the past several decades fought fiercely to join the ranks of, and even replace men at work, they really did not understand what they were getting into. Neil Lyndon, author of, No More Sex War, considers feminists never gave guys enough credit for getting it tough. Spending hours away from the family is tough, gender-regardless, ” he argues.

Es bueno saberlo

Additionally, there are non-work-related grievances that girls are faced with more nowadays than thirty-years ago. Divorce rates are sky-high, and of course the pay gap hasn’t been filled in completely. Getting through the grind is becoming harder, it seems. Women aren’t coping well with their anxieties and worries, too. Nowadays, women are not eating their feelings, so much as spending them. Having a different source of income means getting more money at one’s disposal; in 1 online survey, reported that 79 percent of girls take themselves on shopping sprees to calm their nerves.

While purchasing, they experience a type of buzz, a top that comes with purchasing something shiny and new, getting the shopping bag and experiencing feelings of temporary enjoyment. The worst aspect of all is that this feeling quickly fades, leaving them happier than before the shopping excursion. So what can we do to fight our anxieties and worries? The answer doesn’t lie in your freezer, no, Ben and Jerry’s won’t correct this pickle. What’s been reported as a excellent longer-term solution, is reestablishing a method of support-creating a community to cheer you on.


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