¿Cómo se relacionan las mujeres y el poder?

I didn’t say it). Not surprisingly one constant in my own life however, I admit to participating in a decades-long have a problem with my very own authentic power. By authentic power, After all the sort or sort of power that’s expanding and inclusive; the kind that allows us to operate for ourselves and what we wish in a manner that isn’t hostile, inflammatory or aggressive.

What is the truth?

The simple truth is, a lot of women – even those women executives in high-level positions that are used to being in leadership positions – aren’t touching their real power. We shy as a result away. Make an effort to deny it. It feels uncomfortable, as an itchy sweater that’s too tight round the middle.

You Lead, I’ll Follow? Power includes a masculine energy. At the very least that’s what we have been conditioned to trust. As such, male executives appear to have a whole many more comfort round the notion of power, whereas women executives pull from even the term itself away. The truth is, though, authentic power is really a neutral energy – it isn’t masculine or feminine.

Authentic power isn’t physical – it isn’t about exerting pressure or force. It’s more about checking and being more comfortable with the entire force of who you’re: your talents, your skills, your intelligence, as well as your uniqueness. All of this discomfort using what authentic power means really, in conjunction with the vestiges of discrimination and the duty for child and family caretaking historically being the purview of women, helps it be problematic for women executives to climb to leadership positions in both public and private sector.

Who’s Wearing the Pants in this Relationship Anyway? Furthermore, we need to contend with the complete issue of just what a powerful leader really looks and acts like. Thankfully, women executives have moved at night “men in skirts” era, once the answer appeared to be imitating the traits of male leaders.

As business women, whenever we are comfortable inside our own power we’re able to acknowledge our goals; we’re in a position to take ownership of our desire to have financial success; our ambition and drive, and – especially – our failures even. I don’t think we’re there yet. But we have to be. And the only path to get there’s in all honesty about our discomfort and begin communicating with one another about methods to honor our unique and powerful gifts.