¿Tiroides autoinmune de Hashimoto?

Tiroiditis autoinmune, enfermedad de Hashimoto. Ilustración en 3D que muestra los anticuerpos que atacan la glándula tiroides

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, also called AutoimmuneThyroid, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the USA, and people around the world suffer from this specific sort of thyroid disease. Simply defined, Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid is the consequence of the bodies own immune system becoming dysfunctional and start to strike and destroy your gland.


The fundamental thing to comprehend from a patient standpoint is that Hashimoto’s is an immune problem not a thyroid issue. The immune system is destroying the gland, and that’s the reason why the thyroid gland is producing less hormone. The typical treatment of Hashimoto’s disease is to provide a synthetic or even natural thyroid hormone replacement, and after that change the dose until the TSH drops below a certain level. At this time the status is considered handled well. This sort of approach gives little thought to the patients symptoms, or the way the patient is truly responding.

Whenever the laboratory numbers return”normal”, any residual thyroid symptoms become credited to something else. Consider depression that’s caused by diminished thyroid function. Depression is a possible symptom of hypothyroidism. So if the thyroid panel goes into the normal variety, and the melancholy remains, you wind up in a psychiatrist, or using a prescription for an antidepressant. Are you depressed or suffering from the first thyroid symptoms? This is the problem with giving replacement thyroid gland and ignoring the real issue.

A comparison

Now compare Hashimoto’s disease into a leaky faucet. If we had a bucket full of water which has been slowly leaking we can take two approaches. We could attempt to pour water to the surface as fast, or faster than the water is leaking out. Or the next alternative, and obviously the wiser and better long term solution is to fix the leak while we were maintaining the bucket full. When Hashimoto’s is treated with just a thyroid replacement hormone, it’s like putting water to the surface of the bucket.

The immune system is destroying the gland, and generating less thyroid hormone, thus we will ditch thyroid gland back into the blood stream, but completely ignore the flow, that’s the immune attack in this situation. So in the event that you suffer from Hashimoto’s disease, and you’re faithfully taking your thyroid replacement each day, ask yourself”what about the immune attack?” How much more thyroid cells will be ruined if the immune system is not specifically addressed? Modulating and calming the immune system is definitely tricky.


It requires the physician to step back and examine the big picture. Immune triggers must be recognized and dealt with in systematic way. Then immune system has to be’dissected’ and looked at from a practical perspective concerning overall immune configuration and regarding immune dominance. It’s this approach that’s required to slow and fix the leak, instead of simply dumping water at the top.