¿Opciones de defensa ante el ataque de un perro?

Big briard is attacking woman in the public park. Black shaggy dog attacks girl outdoors.

The annual study that presents how overweight Americans are by state premiered recently. Not Alabama and Mississippi have the best rates-they always do surprisingly. Connecticut and colorado have the cheapest rates. In comparison to four years back the rates have skyrocketed.


So all of the work that the federal government has done to regulate obesity is a big failure similar to everything else the federal government does. Among the reasons Colorado is again near the top of the list for minimal obese in the united kingdom is basically because its’ citizens are a lot more active in outdoor pursuits like walking, running and cycling. In the event you haven’t figured it out two of these activities walking and running can be carried out pretty much free of charge while cycling takes a bicycle.

Once you live out in Colorado you’re motivated by the stunning scenery all over the place. The largest threat to individuals who depend on walking, running and cycling because of their exercise are dog dog and attacks bites. Reported cases of dog attacks and dog bites on an annual basis show that over 5 million Americans are victims. Of these over 1 million require hospitalization for serious injury. Those will be the reported ones just.

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That’s the reason dog attack defense is becoming this type of huge concern. And since more than 50% of most individuals who do walking, running and cycling are women, dog attack defense is becoming a fundamental element of female self-defense. The self-defense choices for female self-defense are these three basically.

  • The foremost is a particular pepper spray formulated by Mace brand. It really is strong to repel your dog however, not injure it long-term enough. Muzzle brand can be an EPA approved pepper spray that may rise to 10 feet and contains enough for 10 one second bursts.
  • The second reason is the telescopic stun baton that extends out to 21 1/2 inches at the press of a button and electrifies to 800,000 volts. The sound that it creates and the website of the sparks flying off the handle have become intimidating and frequently are enough to avoid your dog in it’s’ tracks.
  • However the most popular may be the MACE PEPPER GUN. It runs on the unique dispensing system called “bag in a can” technology. The replaceable cartridges have an enough oleoresin capsicum, or OC, to fire off seven 25 foot shots rendering it the longest range self-defense product on the planet. Is incredibly effective against dogs since it runs on the full strength 10% solution of OC and is excellent against multiple attackers. It really is small enough to transport in a pocket or purse but a holster can be acquired small extra charge.