¿Contiene mi suministro de agua toxinas?

Dirty brown water running into a white sink. Looks very unhealthy,

Water treatment plants are set up to eliminate certain types of waste materials, like pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals in the water source. They can’t however deal, neither are they equipped to take care of pharmaceuticals, as you’ll most likely know, up to 90 percent of drugs that are taken into our bodies, is removed by the kidneys and urine, so whatever moves through our bodies, eventually wind up back in the water treatment plant and then into our water supply.


Pharmaceuticals are merely one of a massive number of pollutants and toxins that are found in the water source, they can even include the residue of DDT, which doesn’t break down for a lengthy time. There can be drugs that could react adversely with drugs that you’re currently taking, the list of pollutants in water supplies appear to be growing all of the time.

It was brought to light initially by scientists in Germany in 1997 and published in the Journal, Chemosphere, when it was discovered that there were pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply for Berlin. Several researchers agree that the concentration of antibiotics in our water source is now 1000 times greater than it was in 1997, High enough to cause the mutation of e-coli germs into strains which are resistant to the normal antibiotics, this has already happened in the USA and elsewhere.

Es bueno saberlo

When e-coli was initially found in water treatment plants, Time Magazine cover, portrayed e-coli running from a kitchen tap or faucet, it has also been found in swimming pools. A significant threat to public health could develop if the e-coli became immune to many antibiotics through mutation.

The continuing use, or misuse of antibiotics may in time only lead to the capacity of our Immune System to see us through some severe medical condition. If your Immune System is functioning efficiently, you’ll stand a fighting chance. In the modern environment, with so many toxins, pollutants and other threats to good health, it is going to make sense to not just eat a nutritious diet, but also take nutritional supplements specially designed to enhance your immune system.

Nota final

Evidence of contamination in the water source is everywhere, a scientist found in Lake Mead, which supplies southern Nevada and northern Mexico that the water contained so much estrogen; it was causing male fish to produce female egg protein. Another scientist found that the broad class of antibiotics in drinking water has a toxic effect on human DNA. It was also found additional cases of medication resistant bacteria are continually being reported.

The reason? If bacteria encounter only enough antibiotics to irritate it, without killing it off, the bacteria will mutate and become resistant to this antibiotic. Please remember that you not only need water to live, but you also need it to help you feel good. Headaches, fatigue weakness and other health conditions may result from not getting sufficient supplies of water. The more that you push your system, the more body fat you have, then it’s only natural that the more water your body will have to function efficiently.