¿Funciona la terapia de biorretroalimentación para las migrañas?

DNA Futuristic Concept

Scenario: A migraine attack launches against your sanity. You are familiar with the symptoms and have experienced them yourself. If this migraine is any like an average migraine, you will be out of action for the next few beings. Have you ever thought of biofeedback migraine therapy.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback can be described as a way to empower a person to overcome a physical task such as muscle tension. This rule can be used to change the blood flow, which can lead to migraine sting. What can you expect from biofeedback sitting? First, imagine that you are doing some kind of crazy skill experiment. A biofeedback gathering will monitor your body’s functions and send information to a notebook.

The computer will analyze data such as temperature, perspiration levels, and muscle activity. You may have seen the Simpsons episode in which Mulder and Scully declared Homer Simpson to be under laboratory conditions, with all sorts of wires attached to him. You are Homer Simpson when you sit in biofeedback.


Two effects are the most common in a biofeedback gathering. Instructions on how to be more aware of your body’s changes and how to modify those responses to avoid any physical conditions. For example, migraines can cause spartan headaches. A biofeedback migraine meeting can take anywhere from an hour to an hour.

Depending on your individual development, the number of sessions required can vary. Once you have learned how to use biofeedback therapy for migraine relief, you can learn how to manage it without the help of a machine. It is important that you understand that biofeedback therapy is not the same.

Mnay Options

There are many options available and the one that you choose will depend on your needs. An Electromyogram biofeedback, or EMG, uses electrodes to assess muscle tension. The sensors will alert you if you feel your muscles tensing so you can increase your speed in granting that ambiance and actually manage it.

EMG is used to teach people how relax muscles that are strained by backaches, headaches, spit noise, and grinding their teeth. Temperature biofeedback therapy uses sensors to measure the temperature of the skin. This is because the body temperature drops frequently due to stress. It is used to help the unwearied get started with the relaxation techniques he has erudite. Or she.

¿Lo sabías?

Actually, it’s she because most migraine sufferers are women. Bet you didn’t know this, did you? To reduce migraine frequency, temperature biofeedback therapy can also be used. Galvanic skin retorted learning measures sweat gland activity and the total amount of sweat produced by the glands. Perspiration can be used to quickly regulate biofeedback options, as sweat is often a result of disquiet.

Although biofeedback migraine therapy may sound a bit outlandish and new-agey to some, the truth is that it has proven its worth. It also offers a way to escape medication dependence. Perhaps even more important is the fact that biofeedback can be used to treat migraines. With the government monitoring our calls and terrorists dictating real procedure, biofeedback can give you the feeling of having some control over your own life. These are not bad things.


While biofeedback migraine therapy can be used safely for most people, it is still a good idea to consult a doctor who is knowledgeable about the subject. Because even the most experienced in biofeedback can’t give you the whole story, I will say it. If you are using insulin, it is best to update your doctor when you confer with them. Biofeedback could make insulin users feel better.