¿Un hígado limpio alivia los síntomas de la menopausia?

Image of a woman in a white dress and 3d model of the liver between her hands. Concept of healthy liver and donation.

Did you know that a happy, clean liver equals a smoother perimenopause and menopause? Poor blood flow and an accumulation of estrogens cause many women’s problems including ovarian, breast and uterine cancers. Estrogens are present in just about all kinds of foods we eat and is also from the pesticides that are sprayed on fruits and vegetables.

Healthy liver

Our liver eliminates the estrogens, but when it is weak, the toxins will accumulate and become trapped in the uterus, breast tissue and uterus. This contributes to abnormal growths such as cysts, fibroids as well as cancer in these organs. When our livers are lethargic chances are the healthful foods and nutritional supplements we consume can pass directly through us without being assimilated. Also, most drugs are damaging to the kidneys and liver.

In Chinese medicine it’s believed that liver and kidney health are extremely important for health and well-being. Hot flashes, perimenopausal weight gain, fatigue and hormonal imbalance are due to poor, sluggish livers. So are age-related vision and memory loss. When our livers are tired, the blood is filled with toxins and inadequate oxygen and nutrients are transported throughout the body, particularly to the eyes and brain since the body needs to take them up against gravity to reach them.

¿Qué hacer?

So how can we mend our liver? There are a number of things we could do to pep up a sluggish liver. Exercise – particularly in the morning. This gets things going, your lymphatic system and your circulatory system, both trigger the liver to decrease stagnation, stress and estrogen production. It doesn’t matter which kind of exercise you choose, just get moving and stretching. In Chinese medicine, the liver is working very hard between 1-3 am filtering and cleansing our blood. When we wake up, blood may nevertheless be kept in the liver if it’s congested.

Tenga en cuenta

Exercise will find the blood moving. If you awake in the morning with stiffness this is a symptom. Sam-e taken using a b-complex vitamin is excellent for the liver. Milk thistle is a herb that stimulates the liver. Do a liver flush/cleanse. Reduce tension and relax. Our liver is quite sensitive to feelings and it’s weakness is often linked to emotional sensitivity. Emotional sensitive folks are more inclined to weak livers, according to Chinese medicine.

Nota final

Avoid estrogen containing foods like white flour, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, citrus fruits, banana and berries. Soak all vegetables and fruits in vinegar-water mix for about 20 minutes followed by a clean water rinse to remove lots of the pesticides. We often take for granted our liver. We can create it’s job much easier and reduce our menopause symptoms by taking excellent care of it.