¿Necesita algunos secretos de seguridad para las vacaciones?

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Whether we’re traveling to see family members, buying gifts we can not afford, attending parties from obligation or wishing we’d loved ones to enjoy the holidays with; vacations represent an emotionally charged time of year for everybody. We know that the traditional view of family members enjoying one another is not necessarily how it happens.

Let’s undertand it

In actuality, nearly all family get togethers are stressful and emotional so realize, if yours is like this, you aren’t alone. Since attacks might be verbal, psychological, psychological or physical, most of us need some Holiday Safety Secrets to produce this time of year safer all around, do not you agree? Realize that a remark made to you or around you is about the individual making it, not about you personally. It’s either a positive remark coming from a place of admiration or a negative remark coming from a place of insecurity. Knowing this can help you to take a deep breath and say,”Thank you,” into a wonderful comment or say nothing to a ban one, thinking about the source.

People who know us also know”which buttons to push” if they would like to mentally attack. For instance: a coworker looking up and down you and then snickering will probably send any one of us to the ladies room to verify our cosmetics, hair and outfit. Make a list of who you are feeling great around and that you are feeling drained by. Invest time only with those you feel great about; that’s the gut feeling telling you who’s safe and who is not (emotionally, mentally and or physically).

If you have to work with people you wouldn’t ordinarily choose to spend some time with, realize that you have a choice to either consume their negative energy or “put up your mirrors.” Putting up mirrors consists of visualizing yourself with mirrors around you facing outside. When someone sends negative energy your way, the mirrors reflect it back to them 10 fold and you’re safe emotionally. I learned this from an Indian Medicine Man 25 years back and have used it successfully ever since.

Toma nota

  • Remember that thieves and other forms of attackers love the holidays because we’re distracted and make for easy targets.
  • Stay OFF your phone when walking in a parking lot and have it on your clothing rather than on your purse.
  • If a thief wants your handbag give this up fast and count your blessing that you had was a burglar.
  • Use positive body language (head high, shoulders back, looking side to side) to repel attackers.
  • Carry a tiny pouch inside your garments with ID, cash or one credit card.
  • Cover the key pad when entering your PIN at checkout.
  • Check in and below your car or truck before entering and lock the door until it’s even closed.
  • Remember that the cover of darkness allows a lot more strikes this time of year. Wrap Up Holidays can be fun and joyful once you protect your own personal space and emotions.


Remember that safety often has to do with swallowing your pride. Let the snide remark go without a fight and let your handbag go to prevent escalating an attack. It will never be fair that other take from us but we could attract safety rather than attackers with these easy tips.