¿Necesita consejos de seguridad personal?

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Pepper Spray permits you to defend yourself against attackers of any dimension. It provides you with an extremely effective way of quickly neutralizing an attacker giving you ample time to escape. Its effects are devastating to the attacker but are temporary and short lived, typically lasting about 20 minutes or so.

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These defensive sprays come in a vast array of styles and several are even hidden in every day things like cell phones and lipstick cases. Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states however some cities and states do have some constraints so that it’s always best to check with your regional authorities. Attempt to have somebody with you while walking city streets. There’s safety in numbers and strikes are less likely to happen if you’re with other men and women.

Pods or other devices which use headphones shouldn’t be used when walking. Criminals look for easy targets and not only are the headphones a great indication that you aren’t paying attention to what is happening around you, but the apparatus they’re attached to are also a tempting target of burglars. If you’re confronted by someone seeking to cause you injury, shout, shout and draw as much attention to yourself as possible. The unwanted attention could be sufficient to scare away your attacker. Always use a licensed taxi or car service.

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Avoid the “Town Cars” that often cruise the streets looking to solicit rides. This practice is common at airports and other public transport terminals and is unlawful in many cities and states. Many public cab companies have the operator’s license submitted in the back of the taxi for your inspection. Look for it and compare the photo to the motorist. As I have said many times over, if you’re approached by an attacker create as much noise as possible. But what if you’re caught from behind and the attacker covers your mouth?

Personal Alarms are extremely inexpensive devices that you carry in a pocket, on your belt, or perhaps in your hand and if you pull a little pin it disturbs an ear piercing siren sure to scare away even the most determined of criminals. Some personal alarms have built in strobe lights which will temporarily blind and disorient an attacker. Many of these devices are readily adapted to function as window and door guards also. Have you got a job that needs you to meet different people at various locations? Real Estate Sales People such as frequently meet perspective buyers at several properties.

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It might be better to meet somewhere public such as a diner or coffee shop . It is possible to get identification and other personal details there rather than in the property. Always leave word with a co-worker of your assembly plans, such as location, times and names of customers. This information will be crucial to an investigation should something unexpected happen to you. Always have some form of defensive spray with you when dealing with customers you’re not knowledgeable about.

In most states bicycles have to follow all of the rules of the road. You have to travel with the flow of traffic and stop at red lights and stop signs. Avoid riding on sidewalks since this could be poisonous to both you and the pedestrians walking. Try to remain on well traveled streets and avoid alleys and other shortcuts. These places are prime places for attackers to hide and await a possible victim to walk or pedal by. Wear the necessary safety helmets and other protective equipment. A fall from a bike may result in some very serious injuries, even at very low rates.

When wanting to find someone to share a house or apartment with paper ads or internet services can be quite helpful. Be certain and not list any particular address of the location you wish to share. List only your first name and a way for interested individuals to get in touch with you. It’s a fantastic idea as always to meet potential roommates at a public site. Be guided by your first impressions of an individual.


If you get a really bad feeling its better to part ways at this time then enable the situation to advance and must manage the mess in the future. Before settling on a roommate, Request references and CHECK THEM OUT! Many private investigation companies and security companies provide a background check services. Spending a few dollars now to know that the person you’re going to live with is that they say they’re can be money well spent. Know about what information you’re sharing on websites.

Do not provide your complete name, address, and phone number unless you’re 100% sure of that you’re giving it to. Don’t follow links in anonymous emails. There are lots of scams out there along with your email inbox is probably bombarded with offers that seem really tempting. Common sense should prevail but often times we encounter a moment of weakness and will open an attachment or follow a link and it ends in tragedy. If part of your job involves carrying large quantities of cash you will need to be really careful.


Often criminals will watch a specific shop for weeks or even months before deciding to commit a crime against a worker. Always let someone know that you’re leaving for the lender. If at all possible travel in pairs, this way one person can make the deposit while another remains vigilant to any kind of attack. Do not take the cash receipts from the bag supplied by the bank. Place it inside another bag to make it seem like a bag of money. Always do a visual check of the lender property whilst approaching. Look for any strange vehicles or individuals lurking by ATM’s or night depositories.

For those who get a bad feeling about something or someone, trust your instincts and leave immediately. Call the local authorities and await support. Its much better to have called the police and have it turn out to be nothing then to walk to a potentially fatal situation. If you end up answering online dating agency ads you will need to be quite careful.


ALWAYS arrange meetings in public areas. Never let yourself be trapped in a private place organized by a stranger. Make sure a close friend or relative knows where you’ll be meeting and at what time. These meetings are best organized in the daytime instead of in the day or at night. Pepper Spray is essential in this circumstance. Among the disguised models, like a spray concealed in a lipstick case could be ideal. A personal alarm would also be recommended.