¿Sabes qué significa la menopausia?

Hermosa mujer asiática de pie en el campo de hierba con el paisaje de la puesta de sol en verano

You don’t have any idea how uncomfortable I feel writing that phrase. It’s not something I’ve ever given any thought to (to be honest since I guess if I ignore that it is going to happen, it may not!). Additionally, it smacks of aging, wrinkles, despondency, a feeling of ending with no idea about what’s next, and a sense of exclusion, though from what I’m not sure.

Tenga en cuenta

But, according to Jill Shaw Ruddock, it does not have to be like that. Last week I attended a City Women’s Network event in London where Jill was the primary speaker. It was an illuminating and intriguing whistle-stop tour through her new book “The Second Half of Your Life”. Her premise to the entire book is the article menopause period of our life does not need to be a slowly sagging ending “we could age but we do not have to mature”. Probably the most daunting truth that she came out with which was a view changer for me, is that if you are fit and healthy at 50 you are most likely to live to 96 (91 if you are male).

That really does mean you’re just half way through your life. Whilst the hormones which dictate our nurturing, caring selfless side start to fade we have the ability to step into a time of our lives where we get to do what we desire, become more creative and concentrate on achieving that which we have not yet attained. Sure, there’ll be mood swings, hot flushes, forgetfulness and all the other frequently quoted side effects that come with menopause, but the change of hormones may also create a new you, a girl who will do and produce something really great.

And relationships?

Well, just consider how important a fulfilling life changes you and subsequently the effect you have on others. Get the most out of this opportunity to create who you wish to be, do the things you need to do, the hormones are playing in your favor. Find a purpose greater than yourself – get involved, you never know who you might meet! You get to choose how you play your cards to the next half of your lifetime. I wish to add a last note about the actual publication.


I’m still reading it and enjoying it. It’s composed by a focused, successful, optimistic girl so the design may irritate/intimidate a few, which going by some of the reviews it has. Additionally, it is written from the perspective of a married woman with two children and as that is not me, there may be pieces in which the connection gets lost. However, I’ve found it enlightening and inspiring so if this is a subject you’ve been avoiding looking into, you may find it so too!