¿Las úlceras en el pene son una señal de la enfermedad de Behcet?

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Penis ulcers – sores that may pop-up on the penis – are both painful and unsightly. And understandably, they result in a man to panic often. The current presence of penis ulcers might denote a significant penis ailment, such as for example an STI, however they can be due to other things aswell, such as for example Behcet’s disease.

Penis ulcers

Ulcers tend to be more associated with areas of the body apart from the penis often. For example, lots of people are aware of the mouth ulcers that accompany many viruses and colds, and stomach ulcers will be the subject of considerable discussion often. But penis ulcers do are and exist classified as a dermatological issue. These open sores cause concern, because they are generally linked to the presence of an STI, such as for example herpes or syphilis. But they could be caused by other activities also, such as for example tuberculosis or perhaps a a reaction to some antibiotic treatments. A disorder referred to as Behcet’s disease could also produce penis ulcers.

Behcet’s disease

It is classified being an autoimmune disorder, and therefore the body’s disease fighting capability mistakenly perceives something in your body itself to be an “enemy” and attacks it. Regarding Behcet’s syndrome, the full total result can be an inflammation of the arteries, which as time passes can harm them. Behcet’s disease is associated with numerous symptoms, including ulcers that could come in the mouth or on the genitals. Other medical indications include eye irritation, skin damage, pain, headaches, lack of appetite, lethargy, digestion and fever issues.

There’s still a good deal science doesn’t find out about Behcet’s disease. It is rare fairly, affecting about 20,000 people in the usa, therefore little is well known in what causes it. Genes. Many doctors believe there exists a genetic component for the problem which might make some individuals more prone to contract it than others. Bacteria or virus. Addititionally there is some evidence that suggests a virus or certain bacteria can trigger Behcet’s within an individual.


The region when a person resides and its own specific environmental characteristics can include triggers – but precisely what those could be haven’t yet been positively identified. Fortunately, Behcet’s isn’t contagious, so it’s not passed by direct contact between people. However, men who develop penis ulcers because of Behcet’s will probably desire to avoid sex through the period where they’re present (typically 1-3 weeks), for two reasons.

The ulcers will probably remind partners of an STI, so their presence may affect a mate’s comfort and ease where sex can be involved. More importantly perhaps, the penis ulcers are usually along with a fairly significant amount of pain – and the friction connected with sex will probably irritate them even more. There is absolutely no cure for Behcet’s, that is chronic and will “come and go,” so treatment involves alleviating symptoms.


Corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and immunosuppressants may be used. After the penis ulcers from Behcet’s disease have healed and so are no more open sores, a guy needs to fortify the health of his penis through the use of an initial class penis health crème. Make certain the crème includes vitamin A, famous for its anti-bacterial properties. Ulcers increase an already-existing penis odor issue often, and vitamin A is qualified to greatly help stem that odor emergency uniquely. Scarring may derive from ulcers, so a crème that may rehydrate skin through high-end emollients like Shea butter and natural moisturizers like vitamin e antioxidant is necessary.


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