¿Conocías estos mitos de la defensa personal?

Vista frontal de una joven que practica karate al aire libre en una terraza.

The Internet is filled with tips which should you examine closely are only merely “common sense” tips without actual insights or analysis. Some of those tips that you see online aren’t even correct. As a matter of fact, there are a good deal of self defence myths on the internet. Unfortunately, a great deal of people have fallen prey to one or more of these.In the hopes of exposing these misleading info, allow me to share to you some of the most frequent self defence myths.

Myth 1

You may become a self defence guru in just a couple days with this downloadable self defence program. You’ve probably seen several advertisements and ebooks about self defence online which promises to reveal secrets about how best to be a master defender. These aren’t true and more frequently than not these are merely a whole lot of scams attempting to pull cash from your pockets. If you truly want to find out more about self defence, then you would have to get a more practical physical strategy. Purely relying on ebooks and textual information just will not cut it.

Myth 2

Most martial arts aren’t helpful in the street. Many folks are saying that martial arts are sort of useless nowadays since they’re outdated and irrelevant on contemporary scenarios. For the record, all martial arts have evolved as a result of the need for security and they’re all effective if they’re practiced well. Some people may have said so because some martial arts are taught in a manner that emphasizes on ritual or history over defensive applications. Nevertheless, martial arts shouldn’t be considered ineffective.

Myth 3

Learning basic self defence moves is only a waste of money and time. Just get a gun. People who thinks this way probably don’t know anything about martial arts or self defense, or both. Yes, guns offer some advantages but they also have some drawbacks. Guns are dangerous weapons and should not be handled just by anybody. If you will use some type of a defence weapon then you need to be suitably trained and prepared to use it if the situation requires it.

Myth 4

Self defence is inefficient if the attacker has a gun or a knife. Good self defence isn’t only a cool collection of physical movements. It’s a mix of physical awareness, threat evaluation and physical fighting skills. It’s not impossible to escape an armed attacker if you know all these things.