¿Detalles de los síntomas de la menopausia?

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Menopause is regarded as a dreadful encounter by a great deal of women due to the massive number of stressful menopause symptoms that they experience during this time period. In this guide, we are going to look into some of the most common menopause symptoms which you may experience when you enter the menstrual period.


First on the list of very common menopause symptoms is anxiety. This is called a vague or extreme feeling that’s brought on by psychological or physical problems. This is a sense of being agitated and lack of control over one’s emotions which can result in panic attacks in addition to physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and palpitations.

Anxiety can occur once or it may recur over and over again. If you begin to experience this symptom, it is best for you to seek medical aid as soon as possible so you can stop this from becoming worse and contributing to depression. Next is irritability. This is described as a critical shift in your mood for a lengthy period of time that’s related to loss of interest in normal activities and withdrawal from friends and loved ones. If your anxiety lasts for over 1 week and beginning to affect your performance at work in addition to your relationships, you should see your physician.

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Breast pain is also a frequent thing during menopause. Women experience pain, tenderness, or soreness on or both of their breasts. This is particularly true when the breasts are touched or if pressure is applied. If your breast pain becomes severe or lasts for more than two weeks, you should see your physician. You should also ask your physician if your breast pain is accompanied by breast sparks and breast lumps. Headaches are next in line on the list of distinct menopause symptoms.

This symptom gets worse and worse through the early stages of menopause. This is caused by decreasing levels of estrogen within the body. A good deal of women experience headaches before their monthly periods or childbirth occurs. These headaches are generally known as “menstrual migraines”. There are far more menopausal symptoms you ought to know about. Aside from studying the details of these indicators and why they occur, you should also take some opportunity to research about the appropriate treatments used to alleviate them.


Knowing the appropriate menopause treatments can enable you to prevent your symptoms from getting out of control. These things may get really severe and painful even to a point that they hinder you from working well. They can also affect your relationships with your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. You would not want this to happen. Before trying to use any sort of therapy, you should see your doctor so you can ensure the treatment you are going to use is safe for you.