¿Podrían mis dolores de cabeza ser causados por campos electromagnéticos?

Electromagnetic Field

Are you suffering from chronic headaches? Are you tired of going to the doctor after doctor, trying every medication without success? Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), may be the culprit. Even though your doctor may recommend medication that works temporarily, headaches caused by EMFs are likely to recur as the effectiveness of the drugs diminish. Your doctor might mention stress, lack of sleep, or any other plausible explanation for your headaches. These causes could also be the cause of your headaches if they are present.


Studies have shown that stress can cause headaches in more ways than one. The naturally occurring EMFs that are found in the Earth’s core and interacted with the Sun’s and naturally occurring electromagnetic fields have been a part of human life for centuries. Unnaturally produced EMFs have been bombarding us at unprecedented levels since the advent of the industrial age.

EMFs can be emitted from everything, including cars, televisions, radios and broadcast signals, hair dryers as well as cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Living near electrical power lines can cause alarming levels of electromagnetic fields that have been linked to leukemia. We don’t recommend that you ignore all EMF producers and move to the deep woods or the wilderness to escape EMF bombardment from all the satellites beaming down.

Waht to do?

But what can you do? The simplest way to protect yourself is to wear a magnet around your body that produces enough EMF in a safe manner. This is exactly what a multi-polar magnet does. The magnet is multi-polar and generates an EMF field that is strong enough to protect your body from artificially generated EMFs. How is this possible? Did you know that the Earth’s EMF protects you from the Sun’s stronger EMF? The Sun has a diameter of 109 times the Earth’s and a mass of 2×1030 kgs, which is 330,000 times larger than Earth.

Even with this seemingly incomprehensible difference, not to mention that the Sun is an EMF generator of extraordinary proportions, the Earth EMF can push the incoming EMFs out. Without Earth’s EMF, there wouldn’t be any atmosphere to hold the air we breath. The Sun’s EMF would simply sweep away everything on Earth’s surface.


A small multi-polar magnet can protect you from the Sun in the same way that the Earth protects you. This device works by creating a small magnetic field that shields your body from the EMFs that surround you every day. If you haven’t tried EMF protection, now is the time to do so. I, for one, am constantly on the computer at work and began wearing a magnet a few month ago.