¿Cómo funcionan las armas de autodefensa?

Gas lacrimógeno o spray de pimienta en la mano de una joven, medio de autodefensa. Imagen recortada, enfoque selectivo.

It’s not a very reassuring fact, but all of us have no choice but to comprehend street crime has become a serious concern nowadays. No more are we safe, even across the paths most familiar to us and no more can we feel completely protected, even if we know martial arts or have obtained a couple of self-defense lessons previously.


Needless to say, there’s presently a demand for people to not go out without some type of self-defense weapon. Whether one is going to a party in a posh place or just taking an early evening walk around the park, it’s important to bring something which can provide protection.

Needless to say, basic safety measures should be observed for example preventing dark places or not walking when possible. But if worse comes to worst, with a self-defense weapon is obviously the best way to manage street crime. A self-defense weapon intended for street crime doesn’t need to be deadly, however. In actuality, most people would opt for non-lethal self-defense weapons like stun guns and tasers. There are lots of on the current market, actually, but both of these seem to be the most common.

¿Lo sabías?

Additionally, there are specific benefits of using non-lethal over deadly weapons. One is there being no requirement for a permit or special training to use them. When you use a handgun, as an instance, you need both a permit and training to use it. Otherwise, you might just wind up hurting yourself or anyone aside from an attacker. Non-lethal weapons are also very convenient to carry around, unlike handguns that need to be put in safe but bulky containers.

You might be asking yourself, how are you protected by means of non-lethal weapons. The solution is simple. Unlike deadly ones, non-lethal gadgets inflict just temporary injury to an attacker and the primary objective is for you to have time to flee and seek help. Specifically, this gadget is to come in direct contact with the attacker’s body that will then be getting a volt of power whichever part that the gadget is pointed at.

This volt of power will subsequently cause muscle spasms, thus, rendering the attacker incapable of voluntary movements. When muscles go into spasms, the man or woman is temporarily incapable of neuro-muscular coordination, which makes it impossible for him to do to you as he’d planned. Online, you can discover whole selection of non-lethal weapons. You can just see these options in the comfort of your own home and you can create your order online also. There’ll be different voltages and various mechanisms by which these gadgets work, so it is important to go over this with your dealer before purchasing anything.


For instance, if the demand for a self-defense weapon is so powerful as you reside in a place where street crime is rampant, you can decide on a certain gadget which will be acceptable for you in this sort of scenario. What’s important is that you get what you want for your needs and that you get it from a dependable supplier.