¿Puede la menopausia afectar a la forma del cuerpo de una mujer?

After listening to the women who passed their fifties, we’ve discovered that according to their own perception, menopause is firmly bonded with the change in body form. We know that it’s completely natural to acquire more pounds following the menstrual cycle finishes. The reason might be the way those girls live, what they eat and how they feel about themselves.

Aumento de peso

However, that doesn’t actually tell us the reason females gain a growing number of pounds during that specific period of their lives and in just certain body regions like; the belly section in the time when they were young women they used to have this fat collected in the pelvic region. Actually, it turns out that such girls undergo a procedure involving different hormonal alterations.

During menopause the menstrual cycle ceases completely so the Estrogen hormone could then be stimulated less and less. Lack of Estrogen tends to activate increasingly more extra weight. During the period preceding menopause females would put on more weight in the pelvic region. However, following the menstrual cycle ceases forever, fat finds another body part to settle which are the stomach or the stomach midsection. Thus, women at that specific age are more vulnerable to aerobic issues than at any former age. That’s the reason males and females get most of their muscle mass converted into fat the older they develop while their metabolic cycle goes slower and slower.


To put it differently, you would always have to adapt yourself from a really young age to a healthful eating system. Furthermore, getting administered with Estrogen can help lessen some of the negative effects of menopause. Actually studies have shown that such treatment done with hormones do assist concerning the dilemma of putting on weight. Initially a woman might believe her body is bloated with much water trapped inside yet, soon all such symptoms should go off.

Moreover, admonishing girls at that age with Estrogen can reduce the speed of cardiovascular issues after adjusting the cholesterol level speed. Yet again, some other studies have demonstrated that breast feeding can be triggered by these hormonal therapy. What can women do if they start feeling it coming? Start after having a healthier diet which would rely mostly on fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber while maintaining fat and sugar at minimum.


Do some busy work-outs three times weekly. When you grow old, your activeness would often return so try to compensate for that by exercising as much. Having a career and kids to care for could be tricky to deal with all at once with your health. Just a couple moments taken daily off your busy schedule can address the entire issue for you. Keep your muscle mass intact by exercising with light dumbbells then move up slowly. Jogging and riding bicycles can definitely help with the legs muscles.