¿Está experimentando la menopausia?

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Menopause – Is That What I’m Experiencing? Menopause is a stage of life where a woman will undergo profound changes emotionally and physiologically. It’s most likely the most crucial physical thing that will take place around this age category. All of us know about it, all of us wait patiently for it, but we’re often surprised and unprepared when menopause really makes its impact felt.


Well, unlike puberty, we do not discuss menopause so much, though it’s at least as important an event in the life cycle of a woman. It indicates the end of the childbearing capability and the movement to a mature phase of the individual lifecyle. It’s a period of transition. Like puberty, it’s maddeningly non specific in its birth and the person experience it will bring. While it’s going on you’re technically peri-menopausal; significance still undergoing your periods but they are getting to be irregular.

Another reason the first signals might be overlooked is that a woman is frequently in the center of a fairly hectic lifestyle at this stage of life. She’ll be probably running a household in addition to working. She might be stressed coping with teenage children or getting distracted with minor discontentments in her relationships. She might have a spouse going through a midlife crisis or a parent that’s failing because of illness. She could confuse some of what she believes on those items without noticing other changes going on inside her.

¿Qué está pasando?

So it can sometimes sneak up on a girl! What’s really happening is that your body is tripping the cessation of ovulation that can impact on both your hormone levels and your intervals. Many of the things experienced during menopause are associated with the varying levels of hormones and your body’s attempt to adapt to that.

The very good news is that once through the menopause period, many women experience a new zest for life and measurably less psychological stress and depression. It’s one of the great rites of passage. You move into wise girl standing. 50. The purpose is to share the wisdom, the fun and the laughter of the smart woman with others so most of us reach our potential.