¿Son las mujeres demasiado emocionales o es un estereotipo?

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Recently,’walk-on women’ and’grid women’ have received lots of exposure in the mainstream press. The principal reason behind this is that these girls are no longer going to be able to perform these tasks. While these women, in addition to other women, are unhappy about this; there are other girls that are happy with what has taken place. Some of the women that are happy with this are ‘feminists’.


It would then be easy to feel that this is an outcome that all feminists are on a board . And, because these are supposed to be girls who care about women’s rights, they need to know what’s best for women. This isn’t true, however; as there are lots of feminists who have condemned what’s taken place. For these women, what’s taken place goes against what they stand for; that is for girls to be free to live their own life. These ‘walk-on women’ and’ring women’ will have made the choice to work in this sort of industry, yet this is no longer possible.

But the reason that this is not possible isn’t due to the so-called ‘patriarchy’; no, it’s because of what other girls have done. It may be said that these feminists aren’t interested in”liberating” women – this is only an act. These feminists want is for girls to live in a means that’s in alignment with their own views about how a lady should live her life. One then has to wonder exactly what it is that motivates these feminists to do what they do and if they’re even aware of their true motives. Someone in this way can make out that they care about girls and wish to make their life better.

Perhaps, if they were to step back and to look into what’s occurring within them, they might realize that they feel completely helpless. Their need to control how other girls live their life is then a way for them to experience control. Clearly, when so many feminists act in this manner it’s not likely to do feminism any favours. Still, it may be stated that it was merely a matter of time before these feminists turned to the people they were supposed to help. Men generally have long been a target of such feminists, therefore it’s to be expected that they would move onto having a go at girls. Based on these feminists act, it may be a great idea for them to give up their need to change the world and to handle their internal world instead.

So, what now?

This is then like how a person can gently prod a dog and nothing will happen, but if they move farther, the puppy will turn around and bite them. In precisely the exact same way, men have been mistreated by these feminists for years and nothing has actually happened, but as these feminists have gone one step further and began to undermine girls, they may discover that it becomes harder for them to get away with this sort of behaviour. If that is what happens, it doesn’t imply that they’ll have the ability to realise why this has taken place. Because of the fact that these sorts of feminists often lack-self consciousness, there’s a strong probability that they’ll play the victim.

This can then be regarded as a indication of how oppressed they are, instead of the simple fact that they played a part in their downfall. What this situation has a lot in common with is when a bully provokes a person and, following the days and weeks go by, this individual ends up battling back and beating them up. Yet, rather than the bully realising why this has occurred, they make out that they’re the victim. This can demonstrate that they just able to operate in one of two ways; either they’re the victim or they’re the perpetrator. There’s not any other way for them to experience life. And when they’re on TV, for example, it’s often a challenge for them to restrain themselves.

Or if they don’t come across as being emotionally out of control, they may come across as though they’re dead inside. In regards to the former, they will find it tough to think rationally and they’re very likely to appear mad, which will cause some individuals to feel that all feminists are mad. But it does not end there, as this sort of behaviour will have a negative impact on how some men perceive women. Now, it might be said that not many feminists are similar to this and not many girls are like this, so it should not matter what a small minority do. However, among the primary reasons why they will have a negative impact on this movement and girls comes down to the amount of exposure they get. For instance, a person can believe that “women are too emotional”, and after watching one of those feminists on TV, it’s likely to confirm what he believes. His mind is then likely to block out examples of if girls do not behave in this fashion, yet this will be no different to what occurs when a feminist believes that all men are poor or rapists, as an example.


If every feminist had the exact same schedule and was a psychologically balanced human being, it may be simpler for this movement to make the perfect impression. What’s clear is that it’s going to be much better for this motion if the only feminists which are provided a platform are the ones that are emotionally sound. Having feminists on TV, who should probably be working on their own problems rather than on trying to change the world, will do more damage than good.

The problem is that as they lack self-awareness and are running away from themselves, it can be incredibly tough for them to find the help they desperately want – in precisely the exact same manner that an addict is often the last person to think they have a problem.