¿Son estos los síntomas del SOP?

Concept polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS. Paper art, awareness of PCOS, image of the female reproductive system

There’s lots of confusing information on the market on the outward symptoms associated with PCOS. For just about any menstruating woman, however, it must be noted that there surely is a variety of symptoms that may manifest this syndrome rather than all affected women experience all of the symptoms.


Plus some of the outward symptoms develop only gradually. They could have inadequate or non-existent periods. Some have irregular periods also. However, Because of high degrees of androgen (male hormone) many PCOS patients have problems with obesity or weight gain. if they do have a baby PCOS patients are in higher threat of developing gestational complications.

The individual might develop difficulty in breathing during sleep (obstructive anti snoring), many patients might have insulin resistance. Because of the increased degrees of androgens (male hormones), women with PCOS may experience male-like hair regrowth. They could grow hair on the true face, chest, around nipples, above top of the lip, Some women with PCOS might experience mood or depression swings.

¿Lo sabías?

They could also have problems with insufficient self-esteem because of associated factors like menstrual irregularities, hirsutism and obesity. A female is confirmed to be experiencing PCOS if she’s at the very least two of the conditions listed below. Irregular, physical exam to check on height, weight, blood circulation pressure, etc.

The individual must share information regarding male pattern hair thinning from the scalp or hair regrowth on your body with the physician. A pelvic ultrasound is required to check if the ovaries seem to be polycystic (hence the name). A lot of women with PCOS, however, usually do not show this sign. The physician could also physically examine the pelvis and the genitals to consider any abnormalities. Even probably the most simple of treatments can begin only after PCOS is diagnosed and established by at the very least these tests. Check with your physician; discuss your complete medical lifestyle and condition using them.