Are There Self-Defense Tips For Women Alone Living?

Safety first. Beautiful female driver putting seat belt on before driving a car.

A lot of women live alone these full days, in apartments, condos and their very own homes. But, unfortunately, we have to. In case you are moving into a flat building usually do not take a flat on the low level or the bottom floor. These floors provide most chance of window break-ins.


Likewise, such as for example bushes along with other landscaping material, so that it is seen from the road and neighbors easily. Talking about neighbors-get to learn yours. You don’t have to make them all of your BFFs. You should get acquainted with them just. You can all look out for each other. door or buzzer use your last name and first initial only- no Miss, Mrs. Never let on you are alone to unfamiliar people.

You might desire to yell, “I’ll obtain it! your number in the event that you feel that’s necessary just. Don’t declare that you aren’t home, I’ve seen the suggestion which you have a male friend or relative record the message- although that could also deter potential dates. Unless you own it, get caller ID.

Let’s not ensure it is possible for these perps! In the event that you live in a flat building lock the exterior door always, doors to common areas not to mention the hinged door to your residence. Chain locks, It could only be locked from the within and can not be picked. For additional information please visit self-defense for women/home security.

Usually do not leave an extra group of keys in the most common places that could be a smart choice for perps. Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle or home always. Have the main one you will need in you hands prepared to use. As always self-defense for women will be a lot of good sense techniques practiced faithfully until they’re second nature.


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