Are There Safe Cluster Headache Cures?


Headache is a common condition that nearly everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. There are many types of headaches, but cluster headaches are the most common and painful. Cluster headaches are named so because they occur in repeated cycles over a certain time period. Each person’s cycle may vary. Cluster headache is a severe, intense, debilitating pain that can last for up to 40 minutes. It can also stretch for hours without any relief.

No Cure

Although there is no cure for cluster headaches, there are ways to reduce the intensity and avoid frequent attacks. It is important to realize that headaches are not a sign of a serious problem. It is important to identify the root cause of the cluster headache before you can treat it. Cluster headaches are difficult to treat because they can occur suddenly and for a short time.

Scientists have discovered some effective treatments for these headaches. Prescription drugs may be more effective than non-prescription medications. However, medication may not provide permanent relief for cluster headaches. Incurable side effects can also result from long-term drug intake. Surgery is also an option if medication fails to relieve the cluster pain. The patient may be able to get rid of the nerve causing the pain by having surgery. These types of curing methods can lead to sensory loss and weakening of the muscles.


Inhaling 100% pure oxygen in the middle pain is the best treatment option. This should only be done under the supervision of a doctor. It is an effective, safe, and affordable treatment method. It is however difficult and time-consuming to transport the oxygen cylinders around with you, so this method may not be the best option.

It is important to understand the root causes of cluster pain before you can treat it. A suitable curing method may be chosen depending on the root causes. Cluster headache cannot be permanently cured, but can be temporarily treated with the appropriate acute treatments and preventive methods. Cluster headaches can be too severe to bear so it is important to treat it with the right methods.