¿Existe un tratamiento para la migraña del que nunca he oído hablar?

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Migraine can cause severe, very painful headaches. It can also include other sensory signs such as flashing lights, visual blind spot, nausea, vomiting, and increased light and sound sensitivity. Migraine can cause severe pain that can last for hours, sometimes even days. This article will discuss the most common treatments for migraines, and then we will show you a natural remedy that may surprise you.


Migraine headaches are caused by an over-sensitizing chemical nerve fibers and enlarged blood vessels. An enlarged artery will develop around the temple area of the skull during a migraine attack. This causes chemicals to be released, which can cause more pain, inflammation, and artery enlargement. Other responses can be triggered by migraines, such as the sympathetic nervous system, which can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

These sensations can delay the emptying process of the stomach into small intestine, which can cause problems with food absorption, decreased blood circulation, and cold hands and feet.

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Migraines are more common in males than in females. Over 28 million Americans suffer from migraines each year, according to estimates. The most effective ways to reduce migraines are the popular preventative or abortive therapies. Also known as prophylactic therapy, this therapy is based on avoiding triggers, managing symptoms, and taking medication. Over-the-counter medication such as paracetamol, naproxen, ibuprofen, and other common analgesics is the first step in abortive therapy.

These medications can be used to reduce or eliminate the pain associated with a headache. Anti-emetics can be used if nausea or vomiting are present. Avoiding triggers of migraine is the first step to preventing them from happening. Prophylactic therapies are designed to reduce the severity, duration, and frequency of migraines. They also help in the recovery of any ill effects. Preventive migraine medicine includes diet changes, exercise, and prescription drugs.

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New research has shown that lavender’s scent can reduce migraine-related inflammation and relax blood vessels. The unique compounds found in lavender flowers have medicinal properties. This can help reduce migraine headaches and other symptoms. They are also anti-spasmodic to the enlarged vessels and tight muscles of the neck, head, and eyes. This will help them relax.

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common migraine causes. Herbalists know that lavender can help reduce anxiety and depression. The smell of lavender can also increase the senses’ and cognitive abilities. Recent research has shown lavender can reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as improve the mood of people suffering from headaches. This herbal remedy can be very helpful for those suffering from migraines that cause anxiety or depression.