¿Existen buenos remedios caseros para las infecciones de los senos nasales?

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It’s not surprising that traditional medications for sinus infections and allergies can have side effects. Many people with sinus infections or their families turn to home remedies and herbal remedies for relief. This is because they are inexpensive and easy to access, and because they don’t have side effects.

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You can use home remedies to relieve the symptoms of sinus infection.

  • Steam Baths: This is a great way to moisten your nasal cavities and mucus membranes. To get the best results, you could simply take a hot steamy shower and inhale steam through your nose. You can also purchase a steam inhaler that uses a mask that covers your nose, mouth, and throat.
  • Eucalyptus oil: This is a great way to clear sinus congestion. Inhale the steam from the bowl containing the eucalyptus oil by mixing it with hot water. To relieve pain in your face, you can dip a towel or a small cloth in the hot mixture and then rub the cloth across your face. Lemon balm, for instance, can be used to combat viruses and bacteria.
  • Saline Wash: Make your own saline by adding two cups of warm water to one teaspoonful salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda. For acute sinus infection, rinse the nose three to four times per day. For chronic sinus infection, rinse the nose twice daily. Nasal irrigation can also be done with a Neti Pot. A Neti Pot is a ceramic pot that looks like a magic lamp. The neti pot is a ceramic container that you fill with water. The solution will run down your throat.
  • Shower massage: This is a cost-effective and affordable way to relieve sinus pressure and congestion. This is done by replacing the showerhead with a massage showerhead. You can set the shower to a pulsating setting, then take a shower. Then, let the water pulsate through your sinus cavities. These results are often amazing.
  • Keep the saline water pot simmering on the stove: This is a cost-effective way to provide moisture to your nasal passages.
  • Garlic: Garlic juice or capsules may help relieve your symptoms. After chopping fresh garlic, boil it in hot water and inhale the steam up to four times per day. Garlic has antimicrobial properties.
  • Water and Moisture – The most important home remedy is to get enough moisture into your body. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. During winter months, don’t let your home get dry. To keep the air moist, you can use a humidifier or keep your teapot warm throughout the day.


These remedies have proven to be extremely effective in the past and are still very effective today. Most of these remedies work well with hot or warm water. It is recommended that you keep most, if any, of the ingredients at your home as infections can occur at any time. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.