Are There Good Women’s Safety Tips?

Caucasian pedestrian woman walking the street at night in the city with moving cars in the background.  She looks nervous or unsure like a lost tourist or afraid of commuting alone.

We find ourselves in unexpected, sometimes dangerous, situations and the best way to manage it comes to mind after it is over. But is there one easy question to ask ourselves which gives us the right way to deal with everything while it’s happening?


Whether you’re being called from work to pick up your sick child at school, get invited to something you really don’t wish to attend or wind up in a bank during a robbery, you will need to understand how to keep your cool and handle the situation properly. The reason why this is the best question is since your mind will answer everything you ask it. Your mind is the most powerful of computers yet, if you are like the rest of us, you’re more accustomed to searching the net (created by somebody’s head, incidentally) than checking in with your built-in pc.

The secret is to ask good, positive questions to receive good, empowering replies. For instance, your child becomes sick at school and you will need to leave work in the center of a significant job with a fast approaching deadline. Your first thoughts are a flurry of questions; none of that will help you. Although these questions will not help you, they will surely increase your stress level because considering their replies inspires new disempowering questions.

Nota final

What you will need to do in this scenario is go pick your son up, period. So, if you are in a bank robbery and you’re among those 9 out of 10 individuals who gasp and hold their breath, then freezing up under stress. Simply asking the one simple question: “what’s the best way to deal with this circumstance? “You might find an answer like, “Exhale.” It’s simple but it is going to enable your adrenaline to circulate and which lets you think clearly. Thinking clearly may involve asking the identical simple question 15 more times throughout the ordeal but it is going to always give you the best response and plan of action.

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