¿Existen alivios eficaces para los síntomas de la menopausia?

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Treating your menopause can be a very frustrating process. You’re likely surrounded by girls who have found successful treatment approaches. They may even be pushing you toward the remedies that have worked for them. It’s important to not forget that your friends have good intentions. They simply want to help you get better.

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Unfortunately not every menopause treatment works for every girl. This is because every woman goes through menopause in her own way. What works for your buddies may not work well for you (and the other way around). A doctor is an excellent person to speak to when you want help dealing with your symptoms. Here are a few things your doctor will say to you. One remedy for vaginal dryness is something known as vaginal estrogen. It’s not surprising that this therapy alone has been proven to improve the level of comfort most women feel during sex.

If you experience vaginal dryness, you could benefit from this method of treatment. Many women report fewer sinus symptoms also. One of three methods may be used to add the estrogen, a ring, cream or pill are these options. A health professional can advise you as to whether or not this is the ideal treatment for you. We shouldn’t need to really write this down but here it is: you will need to eat a balanced diet to help your menopause remedies. Eating a balanced and healthy diet does a lot to keep your entire body healthy.

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Obviously the needs of a woman who has is going through menopause are different than the needs of a woman who has yet to have the change. The largest difference is that a girl going through (and having gone through) menopause needs more calcium than somebody who has not gone through “the change” yet. Health professionals agree that women going through menopause (or having gone through it) need at least twelve hundred mg of calcium every day to keep their bones healthy and protect against osteoporosis. Make certain that you get enough rest.

Doctors recommend menopausal women receive no less than eight hours of sleep every night. Your ability to deal with diminished energy and mood swings will be greatly affected by the quantity of sleep you get at night. Cut the caffeine out of your diet and exercise regularly to help boost your ability to sleep during the night. Doing the above recommendations can help you get to sleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Who’d have thought something as straightforward as sleep could work as a treatment alternative for menopause? Making informed, intelligent decisions about the various menopause remedies is quite important to your health.


It’s strongly recommended that you discuss all treatments with your physician before starting a new treatment. If you haven’t talked to your doctor about your choices first do not begin a new treatment. Additionally it is important to not forget that you’re not alone. Most of us have to experience the “change” sometime. Talk with your girlfriends that they will understand even if they can’t relate. Sometimes psychological support is a much superior menopause remedy than any herbal or medicinal therapy which you can find.