Are There Easy Self-Defense Tips?


Have you ever hit your shin on a bed post or some other solid object? If you have, you know how debilitating it is. If you haven’t, then you don’t need to go out and do it-just take my word for it. It hurts and not just for the moment but it last for quite some time. That exact same idea is behind debilitating striking points for -defense.

We always teach people to take a self-defense product together such as or a . They will most likely get you out of virtually all confrontations with no physical contact. But just in case they fail, it’s great to know some self-defense practices. They are almost 100% guaranteed to work on anyone, anywhere, anytime, irrespective of their .

Some of the techniques were fortified at a course we attended recently that taught how to use a cane for a self-defense weapon. Should you get into a confrontation with anybody, the head and neck region may be the most vulnerable and easiest to get to. If you hit the throat with your hand or at the end of your cane, it causes intense pain and even . If you hit the nose region or under the nose, fantastic pain ensues and watery eyes which blinds the assailants’ vision helping you to escape.

If you’re carrying a cane and an assailant grabs you from behind round the throat, it might like an almost impossible situation to get out of. Grab your cane in the centre with the base of the cane facing backward and push it to the assailants’ midsection. He won’t be expecting this and will double over with pain.

Try this!

Another technique to use if an assailant has you by the throat from behind would be to stomp with all your might on his instep. I promise you he will allow you to go. And of course a favourite technique of the Three Stooges was the eye gouge. A jab in the eye will lead to tingling, tingling sight and possibly blindness-even if it is just temporary. Those are a few self explanatory tips based on using a few pressure points based on the body which will cause intense pain to an assailant. We recommend that you use a product like a pepper spray or . But in a pinch these self-help hints might end up saving your life.


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