¿Se descubren las causas de los sofocos?

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Among the commonest symptoms for menopause or perimenopause is a hot flash. There’ll be increased sweating and rapid heart rhythm when hot flashes happen. They may also be associated with a sense that there’s a rush of intense heat over the top part of the body including the face. But, many women might not understand hot flashes causes.


The motives for such hot flashes may vary depending upon if you’re in the perimenopausal stage or in the menopausal stage. Perimenopausal stage is just a transition phase that takes you slowly into the menstrual period. Researches are still going on to discover the hot flashes causes. Butalmost all of the researchers agree that they occur because of hormonal imbalances. Such imbalances can occur when the body feels that too much is required from it, especially during the menstrual period.

When such a hormonal imbalance happens, the nervous system may attempt to compensate for the imbalance by altering the skin temperature. Lack of estrogen may be among the hot flashes causes. When estrogen levels abruptly dip, hypothalamus, a portion of your mind, gets”confused”. Hypothalamus is the built-in thermometer of the human body. This thermometer will read the warmth of the human body as too hot. Then your mind controls your nervous system to act to control the heat of the human body. When this control is delivered immediately, heart beat quickens. This dilates the blood vessels in the skin so that more blood flow happens.

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This procedure produces more sweat to cool your body. The same phenomenon occurs during hot seasons or when you exercise intensely. The same thing occurs during hot flashes that occur during menopause. The body is chilled at odd times and you’ll be wondering why you’re perspiring and overheating at unexpected, strange occasions. Though hot flashes causes are still not known, there are both natural and medical solutions for them. Generally speaking, hot flashes stay for a couple of minutes.


But if there are causes like stress, hot foods, tobacco, hot seasons, taking bath in hot water and so forth, they may endure for a longer period. During the perimenopausal period, you might experience it in two to four hours and this could last for around two to five decades. For middle-aged ladies, this is a frequent occurrence. You don’t need to worry much about it because things may improve in due course of time.