¿Son las armas de defensa personal de las chicas menos efectivas?

girl directed the pepper spray to the camera for self-defense

Several years back I had a mobile phone that was a pretty shade of pink. That same year, I got a netbook computer with a pink cap. Judging by those 2 items, it may be easy to suppose that pink is my favorite colour. Actually, purple and green are my favorite colors. But there was a method to my madness. At the moment, I had three teenage boys at home.

About me

Misplaced or lost mobile phones were a normal occurrence. Being the sort, nice and generous mom I am, I was quick to give them the use of mine. Amazingly, they never took me up on the deal. Now, as a deputy, I wear a tan BDU uniform. In my dictionary, the definition of BDU is baggy, dumb and ugly. I also put on a pink watch along with a pink paracord bracelet. Why? Because I can. Because despite the fact that I wear tight pants and combat boots and shirts which are tailored for guys, I am a woman.

And, because, in a small way, it makes me feel more feminine. The excellent part is that in no way do they detract from the fact I can still kick ass. In the last couple of years, producers of self defense products have been catering to women like me, that are tough, yet girly. Several versions of pepper sprays and stun guns now come in pink, or other fashion colors.

Pepper sprays

There are pepper sprays which are disguised as lipsticks and pens. New rechargeable stun guns with flashlights seem as girly as girly can be with flowery designs. I’ve read some criticism of this fashion trend in self defense products. Critics think that making these things girly somehow takes away from the seriousness of self defense. I agree that self defense is quite serious business.

I am a very vocal advocate for the need to carry self defense products to protect yourself from attacks. But so long as the product is successful, what does it matter if it’s wrapped in an attractive package? You can take down an assailant just as easily with a flower print stun gun as with a black one. But, if having something that looks attractive instead of the usual dull black makes you more likely to take it, then in my book it’s more effective.

What about colour?

Ironically, I did have an experience where colour made a difference. My spouse had handcuffed a man who we arrested for driving while intoxicated. When we arrived in the prison he complained that my spouse had put the handcuffs on too tight and had hurt him. He continued his whining until I moved to him ever so gently told him I knew how those cuffs could hurt. I told him I’d be delighted to head out to my patrol car and get my pink cuffs. I told him that the pink ones were created for women and would likely not hurt as much as the silver ones he had on. He immediately stopped his drunken ranting. Black or pink, camo or flowery. Color and design doesn’t really matter. What’s having something available to protect yourself.