¿Están relacionadas la depresión y la menopausia?

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It’s true, depression and melancholy can occur together. They may not belong together, but if you’re going through menopause it may cause a certain amount of melancholy. Scientists and physicians really don’t have a legitimate answer to why the two go together, but they’ve discovered it’s worse in women from families with a history of depression.

¿Lo sabías?

Most consider that depression and melancholy are actually related more with the pre-menopause interval than during menopause. This is when estrogen levels are starting to decline on a gradual basis and a number of studies suggest this can bring out the depression in girls. If you’re going through the premenopausal years here are a few of the symptoms you may expect.

What to do During Periods of Depression and Menopause? There are various choices when going through depression and melancholy at exactly the exact same time. Antidepressant medications are among the choices and if you think your depression is severe, then you want to consult your physician. However, if you’re seeking a more natural remedy, then you should try out these options.


When you add regular exercise to your daily life you’ll have the ability to help decrease the effects of depression. This will help both your mood and your physical health and there’s actually no substitute for exercise. A fantastic goal to start is to try for 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, however in case you can’t manage this 10 minutes can help.


Making changes to your diet can also help in this period of your life. This can consist of eating better and healthier foods, including nutritional supplements into your diet, and also adding in an herbal therapy. If you put together the best options for your diet it can help support your body and maintain your depression to a minimum.


It is required to be certain that you get enough sleep each and every night. This is where women struggle because of night sweats and hot flashes. If you know you suffer from depression and melancholy, then you might want to seek expert help. This can come in the shape of psychotherapy, your medical care provider, or just a book. Finding the proper help for you might not be easy and you’ll need to decide whether you would like to trust prescription medication or if you would like to use a more natural therapy.


Naturally treating depression and menopause is a fantastic way to relieve the symptoms without needing to take care of the side effects possible with a number of the prescription medication. It is possible to use specific herbal remedies, vitamins, mineral supplements, diet modifications, and other natural remedies to make your journey through menopause easier. Finding the ideal book or eBook can help you tremendously and it’s not as costly than taking a trip to the doctor, getting prescription drugs, or going through treatment. Plus treating your depression and melancholy using a natural remedy within a book or eBook can be far better for your body within the long journey you’re about to go through.